Country clothes, your best ally for fall 2022


Many believe that with the arrival of the coldest season of the year, possibilities to wear, while in reality, there are various styles with which this femininity garment can be combined. so if you’re one of them women who like to dress At any time of the year, we bring you a trend that will be in this downtrend,

It’s about the so-called country clothesThose which, in addition to being baggy, have sleeves at shoulder height, usually tightened by an elastic which provides greater comfort to those who wear them.

This type of dress, in addition to being very versatile, allows you to highlight your sexuality in a way that stands out from everyday life, because although some of them are fitted or short, the highlight of these dresses is their wide neckline. Is.

But be careful, this opening in the chest is not in the shape of a “V” or a heart, but follows a straight pattern, which Let your shoulders be the hero of your organization,

You can show off your shoulders in a super sensual way with country dresses

And one celebrity who knew how to wear this outfit perfectly was Ariadne DiazooWho recently shared a series of pictures in which we can see her wearing such a dress.

As can be seen in the image, who was Heroine of “The Woman of the Gale” wears a dress that fits different fall trendsSuch as brown, green and orange, which we have already told you about.

but apart from wearing colour’s ideal for this fallAriadne Diazoo carries the type Country dresses that are ideal for this season, That is, those who are tall and baggy.

Do you already have your country dress for this season?

In fact, something that would be characteristic autumn 2022 It is the use of manly cut clothing that allows your figure to “swim” within the larger clothing. Although if you prefer not to leave your aspect aside girlieYou can also choose Vcountry clothesa substitute for Look chic and fashionable in the coming season,

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