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Mr. Principal:

Carlos Hernán Rodríguez, in an interview with the nation’s new Comptroller General, Yamid Amat, was pleasantly surprised to point out that his position would shift the focus from his position to the recovery of money stolen by the corrupt in public and private. region.

This performance, which seems obvious, if achieved, would be a revolutionary fact, as it would set an example of being able to measure these resources and their availability in order to bridge the social gap. The Comptroller’s Office will generate significant resources, as it is estimated that the annual theft is valued at 50 billion.

With only 5 percent it would allow us to “stay delicious”. At present not even one percent is being recovered. The country must be attentive to supporting this management, including through the involvement of the prosecutor’s office and the justice system. Controller, go down in history, show results from time to time and the credibility of your officers in the country will change.

Gabriel Remolina Ordonez

history repeats itself

Mr. Principal:

In 1972, cyclist Martin Emilio ‘Cochis’ Rodriguez was a great favorite for the gold medal, but he could not represent Colombia at the Munich Olympics due to a character intervention before the International Olympic Committee. Now the meanness of some of our leaders is repeated, preventing former minister Fernando Ruiz from representing us as the next director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

In Colombia “more people die of envy than cancer” was the famous phrase left to history by our outstanding cyclist.

Orlando Torres Fernandez

a decent public transport

Mr. Principal:

Gasoline is the fuel for almost every activity. Your elevations, which are certainly necessary, should be done in a moderate and gradual manner, considering all; Especially among those who live by their own car, which are thousands of families. It is time to reflect on eco-friendly, decent and safe transport especially in cities. Only in this way will people get out of the private car and there will be congestion and savings.

Pedro Samuel Hernandez

more days without a car

Mr. Principal:

It is very important that the Day without Cars and Motorcycles is not only once a year, but that it be held once every year, which will improve the health and environment of Bogota. We must understand that this day will not only improve the traffic in the city, before many citizens complain about heavy traffic jams daily, but it will also allow progress in the construction of roads and contribute to public order, which improves makes every effort to. its service. Cycles and other means of transport should be made available to improve the pollution levels in the city every day and improve breathing in clean air. However, overcrowding at both the TransMilenio stations and the SITP bus stop is worrying.

Carlos Mauricio Restrepo Carreno

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