Congress: they present PL so that parliamentarians are renewed every 2 and a half years after evaluations


Against the proposals of early general election that are being promoted in the Congress of the republic and that are in the area of Constitution and Regulation Commissionthe ungrouped parliamentarian Edward Malaga presented this Thursday, September 22, a project that suggests a series of measures, among them the renewal of the Parliament every two and a half years after a performance appraisalinitiative that —according to the member of the Purple Party— It would help to face the governability crisis that the country is going through.

“The purpose of this constitutional reform law is to help establish the minimum and necessary constitutional framework to overcome the current governance crisis that negatively and permanently affects the democratic regime. Likewise, it seeks to guarantee the validity of the rules that ensure political stability, democratic order and effective citizen representation,” he explains. as support in your project.

For it, Malaga Trillo proposes the modification of articles 90, 113, 117, 130 and 134 of the Political Constitution of Peru with the purpose that an eventual advance of general elections is subject to essential constitutional reforms for governance and balance of powers.

Regarding article 90, the PL (3145/2022-CR) formulates that the Congress made up of 130 parliamentarians be “renewed after two years and six months through an electoral process organized in accordance with law.” The renewal would be done through a performance evaluation, for which “the respective electoral process includes the approval consultation of the congressmen and the election of candidates based on the free seats due to the corresponding disapproval.”

At this same point, Edward Malaga also seeks that the candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency of the Republic also can simultaneously be candidates for the Congress of the Republic.

Other modifications proposed by the PL of Malaga

Regarding article 113 of the Magna Carta, It is proposed to specify that you can only vacate the position of Republic President when “his permanent mental or physical incapacity that disqualifies him from holding office” is proven. It is also clarified that this disability “must be accredited by means of a report from a medical board without conflicts of interest.”

On the other hand, it is proposed to add to article 117, which details the crimes for which a head of state in office can be charged by the Public ministrythe reason for the “commission of crimes against the public administration, especially crimes of corruption of officials.” This would be added to already contemplated in said section of the Constitution. And it is specified that the person responsible for presenting the complaint would be the prosecutor of the nation.

This same Thursday 22, Edward Malaga filed a second PL (3144/2022-CR) known as the ‘Law that synchronizes the parliamentary elections with the second presidential round of three candidacies’ and which proposes, in summary, the modification of articles 18 and 20 of Law 26859, Organic Law of Elections and that proposes that the congressional elections be held on the same date as the second electoral round, in which the three candidates with the most votes during the first round participate.

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