Congress gives green light to repeal sedition: ERC claims to be snatched “toy” from “fascist judges”


Congress of Deputies has given its Approval for the bill PSOE and United We Can For Repeal the offense of sedition from the Penal Codefor which leaders process Catalan separatists with Support of 187 public representatives: Among them, two partners of the socialist government and its external allies ERC, which claims to have taken “this toy” from “fascist judges”in the words of their spokesperson Gabriel Ruffian, Henceforth, the period for submission of amendments will open in case the wording is amended.

At the PP’s request, the vote is made by public and appeal, which forces each deputy to rise from his seat and announce his vote aloud to the chamber. As expected, no votes have been leaked.

PSOE and Unidas Podemos, side by side with the separatists

The process of this time-bound reform of the Penal Code, to the extent of the politicians who promoted the illegal referendum and in 2017 the independence of Catalonia has been unilaterally declared Supported by representatives of PSOE, Unidas Podemos, ERC, PNV, EH Bildu, PDECat, Más País-Equo and BNGHe Add 187 votes, two other Catalan separatist parties, junt and cup have decided to stay away (6).

Instead, other 155 MPs have voted against For the repeal of this crime: PP, Ciudadanos, VOX, Coalition Canarias, Navarra Suma, PRC and FORO.

Express processing to get it approved in days

The first deputy to be called for voting has been a socialist. Immaculate Oriya, who have already guessed that the entire group is going to vote together “without a crack”. Other representatives of the PSOE have also stood for the platform that there is unity in the face of PP’s claim to be out of control.

The initiative, which also includes the transposition of a number of European directives and the worsening of penalties for the concealment of the body, will be subject to express processing with the aim of making sure approved before the end of the year,

After opting for a bill from groups rather than a government bill, it is no longer necessary to request a report from the Council of State or the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). This governing body of judges has ruled on a case this Thursday with a strong internal division.

ERC insults and insults the judges

ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Ruffianclaimed to beToy snatched from fascist judges destroying a nineteenth century instrument”, according to him. “Do not be mad so much to consider the “repression” of the leaders of “help” to eliminate them process,

In line with a 2017 referendum on the illegal, unilateral, unconstitutional breakdown of no democratic guarantees, he has said that “voting is not a crime, no matter how they are.” And, despite the evidence, he has denied that the reform is “a concession to the ERC” or to the independence movement, but rather “to democracy”. Spain Stop “Fooling Yourself Into Europe”according to him.

Ruffián, in his disrespect to the judicial system and Spanish democracy in general, stated that “we cannot change the Spanish judiciary, because it is an endemic problem in this country, we can only aspire to make it a little more difficult for the judge on duty,

discomfort in jaunts: he sees it as insufficient

esp before, deputy of the junta josepe pages has been very critical of an initiative that he considers “part of a false belief” process They were “criminal acts”. In his opinion, the “Sánchez-Aragonese reform” – referring to the presidents of government and the Generalitat – was a “The à la carte solution that saves some“But” it condemns “thousands of people who are subject to retribution”—according to his words—and seeks to bring fugitive ex-president Carles Puigdemont before the Spanish justice system, incidentally, a solution to the “ridicule”. does what Judge Pablo Llarena created. His peculiar way of looking “with Euroorders”.

“We are not going to be useful idiots who support such unwarranted treason,” he declared, declaring that the reform was nothing more than a “partial suppression” of treason and that it would lead to an “intolerable equivalent”. hides such as “criminalizing protest” through the new crime of serious public disorderwith minor penalties.

From PDECATT, Janice Boedella He has celebrated the suppression of sedition, which he considers “anachronistic”, although he regrets that it has not been done earlier and has promised to introduce amendments to “better guarantee the exercise of fundamental rights”, according to him. . “We have a duty to reform the resolution, engage in politics and take steps towards a fairer penal code for a more democratic and free society”, said the post-convergence leader

Cup Hails It as a “Classic Milestone,” But Is Doubtful

deputy of cupMiriam Vehi, has acknowledged that with the repeal of treason Freedom Movement Achieves a “Classic Milestone”But he added that, with this proposal, the PSOE also “wins”, as in his opinion it gains “greater control of the opposition in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis”, thanks to the introduction of the concept of “intimidation”.

“They transfer the spirit of treason to public order and kill two birds with one stone: they face Europe with a democratic makeup but they maintain a heavy hand and use it to block highways and destroy public and private places.” make it a crime to capture”, said the leader of this formation, who has turned away. In his opinion, with this new rule “15M could be a crime”, indicating that the PSOE feared “thousands of people in the streets” and “civil disobedience”.

Senate approval before the end of the year

Once the bill is accepted by the plenary of Congress, the amendment period will open so that groups can contribute. PSOE and Unidas Podemos have already requested an expedited process, which means halving these deadlines.

Pending debate will be held in one week at a time, and the bill may Sent to the Senate in the middle of next month so that you can complete your Processing the week of December 28,


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