Congress approves family allowance to workers with disabled children


Congress’s completion Unanimously approved a rule that provides for 10% distribution of minimum income by the concept of family allowance for private sector workers with children with severe disabilities.

Luis Kamich Morante (Democratic Peru), president of the Commission for Social Inclusion and People with Disabilities, argued that the ruling would improve the quality of life of people with disabilities by “filling the legal gap” in protecting citizens.

Whereas Sigrid Bazán (Democratic Change) said that the most vulnerable Peruvians would benefit from recognizing their rights without socioeconomic discrimination.

Who will be able to get family allowance?

According to the Bill – which must be approved or observed by the executive power – Private sector workers whose wages are not regulated by collective bargaining and who have one or more children, even adults, with severe disabilities are entitled to family allowance.

In addition, employees must present a certificate of conformity regulated by the National Health Authority to access these resources, unless they have already received a non-contributory pension for severe disability as established by Law 29973 (General Law of Persons with Disabilities). is not received.

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