comScore and its reasons for recognizing the work of El Heraldo de México


Rating agencies, whether financial, media or personality and political moments, essentially fulfill the function of guiding public opinion.

They make their measurements public knowledge without any tendency or interest.

comscoreWithin the media rating agencies that currently exist, it is characterized by inflexibility of measurement and for this reason its work has a true orientation to the masses of both print, digital and electronic media.

The aim is that comScore, without prejudice to any commercial intent or order, is one of its latest measurements to place media outlets as young in the context of the media. Herald of Mexico The second place of digital and printed publications in our country is a revelation that today’s audience no longer adheres to biased information styles such as campaigns against public figures or institutions.

These masses follow the media that is characterized by their informational business without the adjective.

El Heraldo de México has dealt fairly and seriously with incidents that have been the subject of scandal and sensationalist demand.

Continuing to “follow-up” PRI President Alejandro Moreno’s demands and audio is already media vandalism.

In the same way, El Heraldo de México has treated its public opinion with discretion and respect, with the most recent cases of the announcement being the investigation of various crimes against former President Enrique Pea Nieto, the most important allegation of government conspiracy. Is. so-called master fraud, or unfortunate events such as the death of young Debney in Monterrey or the disappearance of two baseball players Chihuahua, Paul and Armando Barreleza.

El Heraldo does not speculate on the call for prayer for peace made by the Catholic Church, presided over by Bishop Aguilar Rates.

Owing to the above, the main objective of the national scenario is to present some reflections derived from a documentary investigation on the role played by the rating companies. The sources used for this research included newspapers, magazines, economic dictionaries, electronic articles, web pages, reports, degree projects, databases, newspapers, educational materials, and official publications from various financial institutions.

The Heraldo Media Group, headed by ngel and Ana Cristina Maires, as well as the modern editorial norms of Franco Carreo and Alfredo González, is therefore an expression of the new style of press making that guides without deviating from its essential mission.

Luis Echevara dies at the age of 100, the light of his career

Former President Luis Echeveria lvarez died at the age of 100 at his home in Cuernavaca.

Echeveria was a character whose public life was finely tuned by Chiaroscuro.

Achievements such as the creation of INFOAVIT or the support UNAM received during his government, are contrary to the implications attributed to Tlatelolco or Halconazo on October 2, 1968. happened in Crimes were also committed against students in the vicinity of Casco de Santo Tomas, one of the most emblematic headquarters of the National Polytechnic Institute.

Luis Echevería is a prototype of the national political system that Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa called “The Perfect Dictatorship”.

President with Institutional Conscience Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Condoled his death on external Twitter Former President Echeveria.


1.- The fight for candidacy for the government of state of mexico Both have severe fractures brunette As in the Mexican PRI. In Morena they fight hard delphine gomezBlock’s favorite, as Higinio Martinez and Horacio Duarte, PRI has the strongest potential Alejandra del Moral and Ana Lilia Herrera.

by Jose Luis Camacho Acevedo
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