Comerio residents wrest the destruction to their homes after the passage of Hurricane Fiona


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I will eat- Adelaida Colón Bermudez, 73, yesterday began cleaning the house she has maintained with so much sacrifice for the past 45 years as the property was once again affected by the flooding of the La Plata River due to rain. Hurricane Fiona.

Due to the start of drinking water service from Wednesday night, dozens of families i will eatCologne, like Bermudez, began to clean up the debris and mud left behind by Fiona in their homes, which were destroyed between Hurricane Mariain 2017.

“For Maria, I lost everything. Now the river has entered again. (…) I was fixing it all up little by little, and now I have to get (the money) to rebuild it”Cologne Bermudez, who spent the emergency at her granddaughter’s apartment because her home is in a flood zone.

In the courtyard of the “Aya’s” residence, as her relatives and neighbors call her, Maria destroyed the part of the wall that protected the house from the ingress of river water, making it more vulnerable on occasion. happened.

Colón Bermúdez found his house up to five inches high with mud and water. Till Thursday he had not managed to clean up. “Without water, you can’t clean up, and I’m coming back tomorrow to clean up,” he said.

Her granddaughter, the husband of Jess Sánchez Diaz, helped her vacate the property, which was infested with mattress-like objects pulled by the river that runs through several municipalities in the center of the country.

“I am helping him because the family should always join hands. We start today (Thursday) because the water came last night. The pressure is not very strong. Everything is a little”Sanchez Diaz said.

“Luckily my mother did not go through this. He died in 2015. She was one of those people who didn’t want to leave the house. He always used to say: ‘Go away. I’m staying,'” Cologne Bermudez recalled.

She is known in the community for selling organs of all tastes, with Social Security as one of her earnings. It had suffered a loss of 200 units due to power outage since last Saturday.

The hallway, bedroom, kitchen, living room and umbrella still have dirt left behind by bodies of water. The municipality of Comerio came to his house and took pictures of the damage. “I had my great-grandson’s crib because I take care of him. He’s lost”shared.

In the Parchas neighborhood, in Comerio, Ana Rivera and her daughter, Damaris Cintron Rivera, also lost furniture, furnishings and other items at their property near the river. “Everything was terrible. There was no way out of the flood. Yesterday (Wednesday), were we able to come,” Rivera explained.

The woman from Comería spent Hurricane Fiona at her daughter’s residence little orange, “The thing that worries me the most is that we have to pay a private company to come and clean the whole back, which we did the second time (with Maria) so that they were all sick.” Don’t let fish and waste remain inside the property,” said Cintron Rivera.

“Everything is complicated, but we are alive. In Naranjito, we live in a landslide. Thank God, yesterday we got water, but the light is still there”Added Cintron Riviera.

The story also takes place in the house of 73-year-old Luz Vazquez Quills. In the middle of the cleaning process, the resident listed his loss. “We found the fridge upside down, the stove was also destroyed. Cabinets, curtains, beds, bathrooms were damaged…”, he told of the damage in his residence near the river.

His niece, Rosa Díaz Vazquez, who lived above, also suffered minor injuries. He said he had to be rescued on Sunday night as the water was already reaching dangerous heights. “At 11:00 pm (Sunday), I went out and threw my puppies. A boy saw me and helped me by tying himself with a rope.”Told how he survived the flood.

Vázquez Quiles highlights the community support in his neighborhood. “We don’t let ourselves fall. That’s a good thing we have”He said that despite what he had experienced over the past few days.

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