Color highlights, the new trend to renew your look in autumn


We are back in 2020! And although for many it is a year that brings back bad memories caused by the Covid-19 confinement, for others it brings to mind that it was the right time. experiment with us Hairby deduction Even discoloration and if there was one that became popular among fashionistas, it was the i. was wearingconical colored wicks Which are very easy to make and help us show you the best style.

The best part is that they are ideal for all ages! That’s right, you don’t have to worry about thinking they’re not for your age, because the trick is knowing how to wear them, and that’s how mature women can wear them. light brown or blond Which will help fill their face with light Get a rejuvenating effect by framing the face, While the little ones can bet on using it colored stripes with the help of fantasy tints And renew your style in just a few seconds.

Don’t be afraid to apply your favorite color. (Photo: Pinterest Rosie00189)
You can also wear gray or silver tones. (Photo: Pinterest Sash)

According to stylists, Colorful wicks were once again one of the most requested in aesthetics They leave over and over for a pretty effect, because you don’t have to modify the entire hair, but just a few strands to frame the face. The trick to achieve this is to part the hair down the middle and pull a section down the middle of the head; Then you need to take a lock of hair from each section with a width of at least two fingers.

Well, these two sections of hair will be the ones that have to go through the bleaching process, but fear not, if you are wearing them during 2020 then you should know that it does not harm your hair especially if you leave it in Hands over to the pros, as they will be the ones who will get the perfect shine according to the tone you apply and they will warn you in case of betting on gray if your hair resists more bleaching or not. In which the hair undergoes an important lightening process.

It is worth noting that this is a trend that will dominate the decline And as such, it should not be overlooked that it can be worn on all hair lengths and styles, including full hair layers or with some fringe, Well, these two trends swept over the summer and will continue to exist in the months to come.

Wear the barbicore trend in your hair too. (Photo: Pinterest Xaipik)

Our recommendations for implementing them colored stripes bet on them shades what has been trend throughout the year or that can be added to other innovative ideas in the world of beauty. Some options are fuchsias or pinks, which will not only show you a very bright face, but are also a perfect complexion. Join the barbicore fever that has caused so much furore in recent months,

bet on colorful highlight design Rose You should know you can wear any shade, because this year apart from the previous ones we’ve seen a gold-pink glitter on Megan Fox’s hair; One Bubblegum pink in a bob cut, as shown by model Hailey Bieber And even Dua Lipa with a fuchsia tone. So don’t be afraid to experiment with any shade.

As well as in the brightest colors. (Photo: Pinterest SoftMacCormix)

But you can also bet on other colors such as green, which has been a trend since spring, Pantone’s Very Perry or various shades of purple and lilac, as well as red or copper that will help you show off a more daring style, Because only stylish women wear these colors proudly; While for something less attractive, but it also makes you fashionable, brown and blond They will be the best allies.

Do you remember the iconic look of danna paola?, in this they mixed this type of chestnut hair Highlight Applied on her straight fringe as well, she opted for a light and ash blonde, with whom she imposed fashion and married Fury. Of course, it is only a matter of days to see the trends it will create among his fans. So feel free to bring back this shade, which will also help you to show off a more elegant image, if you have to go to the office every day.

related to Maintenance You should know that choosing the thinnest ones can keep the roots intact for several weeks, so you’ll need to do a maximum of touch-ups every two months; While it’s important to try this for a color effect, the roots are always hidden, so it’s very likely that you’ll need to visit your specialist once a month, though if your hair grows out too fast, there may be a need for touch-ups. Ideal to be taken every 15 days.

Mix the white with the brown. (Photo: IG @dannapaola)

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