Colombia: Newly elected President Gustavo Petro contacts his opponent lvaro Uribe


  • Meeting between left-wing and right-wing leaders parentheses the history of hard-fought conflicts

  • The two promised to maintain a permanent channel of contact, although they admitted that they had differences.

The scene in tense Colombia just weeks before the election in favor of the left would have been unimaginable. presidential election Gustavo Petro acquires lvaro Uribec, the figure determining political life in that country until a few years ago. They didn’t just take pictures together. They also agreed to maintain a permanent communication channel. The moment of camaraderie can be momentary, bearing in mind that they are figures with projects located in the Antipode. But at this point, many Colombians are inclined to believe that Petro’s call for talks and the rejection of all forms of retaliation from the government could be an auspicious start to the face-off with Uribe. “Both Petro and Uribe benefited from the meeting. But the country benefited even more,” the portal said. empty chair, According to him, “create a new environmentIn Colombia where “the right and the left had lost the possibility of speaking”.

“The conversation with former President Uribe was helpful and respectful. We find the difference and the common point, There will always be government-opposition talks”, the future head of state said briefly via Twitter. Earlier, Petro had met tycoon Rodolfo Hernandez, his opponent in the second round.

,This is not the time to pass the bill, this is the time to build“I have a personal reason for gratitude, my situation is tough, our party that we love so much, which was formerly in the Senate, is now fourth”, said Uribe, in a statement. recognition of depreciation of a right which was not present even in the second round and its judicial problems. “We express that we share all the efforts that have been made to give impetus to the country overcoming poverty, But it cannot be at the cost of dismantling the private sector. “That policy will destabilize and lead us to more poverty,” the former president said by way of warning. “That taxation should be favourable, that taxpayers pay with pleasure without fear, that they are not taxed excessively. The taxpayer is looking for maneuvers. An opportunity for us to examine comparative rental rates for companies and individuals. found.”

far-sighted anomalies

The kindness of the appointment, which Petro had given the privilege of his rest after a busy election campaign, was first denied by one of Uribismo’s important leaders. While the meeting was taking place, the senators from the Democratic Center, Maria Fernanda Kabalistrongly criticized the report of truth commission What happened during an armed conflict that killed tens of thousands of people in more than half a century. Kabal was particularly contemptuous of his chief authority, the Jesuit priest. Francis of RouxWhich he described as “shameless”.

“I have already started reading the report. I want to recognize that it is well written and in that narrative that bears resemblance to each other, we end up at the level of criminals just like everyone else, including the victims Will go so terrible, Soldiers, policemen who have given up their organs and blood will remain the puppets with which the Left plays to justify revolutionary horrors. this is unacceptable. We will be here to continue fighting the lies.” “It all ends that the blame lies with the state that promoted paramilitary, nowhere is the FARC to blame.” His words can be signed by Uribe Were if they didn’t have to meet Petro.

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The CEV report was presented at the Bogota Theater on Tuesday. Petro called it “the great peace & rdquo; long distance. During the ceremony the elected president was commended. Roux himself said that “Petro’s election shows that you can go beyond peace” and “unless we love life”. In return, the priest assured that the CEV is “confident” that the government that will take office on August 7 will do so.necessary changes“So that Colombia can leave behind its decades of misery.

outgoing president, Ivan Duke This Wednesday he also officially received the report from Roux. His management is strongly criticized by human rights organizations, particularly for slowing down the pace of the peace agreement that his predecessor signed, Juan Manuel Santos, with FARC. A portion of these statements are part of the CEV’s colossal letter. “This is a report to generate a good debate in societySo that we have the opportunity to read it and break it down, to know an appreciation of what the conclusions are, and to be able to debate, dispute and at the same time build upon the conclusions and, of course, have a sensible, recommendations. with frank and republican debate,” the Duke said upon receiving it. Although the report’s recommendations are not binding, the Duke recognized that they would serve to “collectively create convergent solutions.”

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