Climate change and your clothes


Let’s start with the basic concepts such as Climate change, Which is a phenomenon that causes a change in the climate of all regions and is caused by an increase in temperature. Scientists predict that if we continue with our current consumerism and business model, we could grow up to two degrees above global average, destructive for mankind and the ecosystem.

Many times we see this news and feel helpless or confused. The reality is that outside of scientists, no one knows what needs to be done to stop the planet from warming. Here we are going to tell you. Great change comes from industries, but we as citizens and consumers have a responsibility to engage and demand it. Plus, that with our buying decision, we can make all the difference to change the planet.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that our buying decision could change the course of our planet. It is imperative that we begin to analyze where everything we consume comes from and where it goes. I’ll give you some little tips that you can check out the next time you go shopping.

material: Bet on natural fabrics that don’t need to go through a very complicated industrial process to become a textile. The less complex the process, the less greenhouse gases will be generated. Make sure the clothing you buy is made in Mexico, so we avoid emissions generated by transportation to and from any Asian country. It is very important to question where these materials come from and what is the process of extracting them. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, It will always be more durable than nylon or petroleum based materials. It’s easier than it sounds, you just have to be curious.

made in Mexico: Always, always, is better than anything. In addition to boosting the economy, when you consume from small entrepreneurs and workshops, much less polluting gases are produced in Asia than in a giant plant.

second hand: This is clearly the best option of all, we reduce 80 percent of product emissions. You can buy or exchange, the two options are the best for avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.

Let’s start with these simple concepts and I promise you we are on the right track. Once you become more aware of where your clothing, transportation and industry comes from, you will engage and demand change from your decision makers. By eager to make different buying decisions, you are already changing the course of the planet.

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