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Home Politics Clash between Cathy Juvinao and the Abudinen family over Populated Centers

Clash between Cathy Juvinao and the Abudinen family over Populated Centers



Karen Abudinen and Cathy Juvinao

Former ICT Minister Karen Abudinen and Congresswoman Cathy Juvinao.

Former ICT Minister Karen Abudinen and Congresswoman Cathy Juvinao.

Relatives of the former minister reacted to a tweet from the congresswoman.

A trill confronted relatives of the former ICT minister By Karen Abudin with the congresswoman Cathy Juvinao. In this new chapter, the members of the Abudinen family reacted to the digital offensive of the now Representative to the Chamber for Bogotá of the Alianza Verde.

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And it all started because the congresswoman used the last name (Abudinen) again to associate it with the corruption plot of Populated Centers that, according to the investigations, he intended to keep millions of resources to bring the internet to rural schools in the country.

Juvinao stated on his twitter account: So it wasn’t enough with the 70,000 billion that were raised in the past government from the @Ministerio_TIC? How can one even contemplate handing over a vice ministry to Yahir Acuña? Are we blind? No sir! I ask you to avoid it, president @petrogustavo.

In response to that trill, a member of that family, By David AbudinHe spoke through the same social network: “Why don’t you say “Se Tapiaro” the 70 billion, is it not what happened? Miserable! You are not immune, you answer for what you write !!!”

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The Abudinen family has stated that they will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone who uses their last name to verbalize it.

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They explain that due to these actions, the minors of this family have had to receive psychological help against bullying they have suffered in their schools The former minister, for her part, has repeatedly said that it was she who denounced the members of that temporary union.

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