Christina Kirchner reiterates her innocence and links assault to judicial ‘climate’


Vice President of Argentina, Christina Fernandez, said this Friday that the trial in which he is charged with corruption is full of “lies, slander and defamation”, and is linked to the failed attack by 1. of September, for which there are four captives whom he did not consider intellectual writers, for the judicial and media “climate” generated around him.

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Via videoconferencing from her office in the Senate, the chamber she heads, Fernandez testified in her defense at the pleading stage of the trial for alleged irregular awarding of public works during her term as president (2007–2015) ), after three weeks A man shot him twice, without a bullet coming out, at the door of his house,

“By 1st September, I believed that (the reason for corruption cases) was to stigmatize me, prosecute me, defame me, defame me, defame me, but by 1 September I realized that behind this It could be something else. This, because suddenly it seems that the jurisdiction is given a social license so that anyone can think and do anything”, he sentenced before the Federal Oral Criminal Court 2 in Buenos Aires.

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In her speech, the leader of Kirchnerist Peronism, who has maintained for many years that she is the victim of fabricated political and judicial persecution by the government of Mauricio Macri (2015–2019), specifically charged against prosecutor Diego Luciani, who In August she requested 12 years in prison against him for alleged offenses of illicit relationship and fraudulent administration of public funds.,

The former president made reference to the effect created by that “historic charge” – with the TV focusing on the door of his house – by referring to telephone messages that, according to information that have surfaced in recent days, were exchanged by the two. Was granted the suspect of attempted murder.

That, in his opinion, was to create a “climate”, which was also contributed by the fact that the trial discussed “three tons of evidence” against him: “What is in the life of the Argentines, and in particular In mine, there are 30 tons of “newspaper and magazine covers”, “Where a person who is not being made a woman by chance and is being stigmatized“, she reprimanded.

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This is the moment Christina Kirchner is pointed at the gun.


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‘Helpless’ condition

So far, four have been arrested for the attack: 35-year-old Fernando Sabag Montiel, who, during a demonstration in support of Fernandez, a few days after the prosecutor’s statement, approached and shot him; his girlfriend, Brenda Uilliarte, 23; Nicolas Carrizo, 27, and Augustina Diaz, 21.

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Fernandez called them “a gang of physical writers”, but not intellectuals. “I have it very clear. No one can imagine what this gang did to me, the intellectual author of it, planned, prepared,” the vice president said today without explicitly stating what he suspected. , the plan can be drawn.

No one can imagine that what this gang did to me, its intellectually planned, fabricated

The former president questioned whether the lawyer for one of the detainees was an “adviser” to MPs from Macri’s opposition coalition: “I feel somewhat defenseless with this country and this judiciary. How would you feel, Doc (George) Gorini? (one of the court judges) if the same thing happened to me?”, he sentenced immediately after reprimanding “Prosecutors and Judges” Who Judge Former President McCree’s Fifth (Estate) Her “Sport” Soccer “And No One Seems Surprised”,

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To delve into that sense of helplessness, Fernandez recalled the stone-attack that protesters carried out against his Senate office last March, with “nobody, no security forces” stopping it.

As well as the same month’s appearance of posters on the street in which he was branded as a “murderer”, a reason the judge “systematically refused” to keep those whom he had to testify to testify. was called for.

his first test

In the case that puts him on the bench, which has 13 defendants, the alleged irregularities are judged, during the governments of the late Nestor Kirchner (2003–2007) and his widow Fernandez, the concession of 51 public works to the firms of businessman Lazzaro. Baez, a close ally of the former president, in the southern province of Santa Cruz, a stronghold of Kirchnerism.

In this lawsuit the vice president is accused of – first of all the various cases in which he is being prosecuted – After supporting the concession of work to Baez, who is suspected of bribing the Kirchners through various commercial maneuvers, in other files at the same time.,

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In her intervention before the court, Fernandez today distanced herself from the “lies, slander and defamation” that she said at trial, convinced that, along with her husband, they were elected by the people. and never had “illicit relations” as he has been alleged.

To conclude the arguments, his lawyer, Carlos Beraldi, was blunt: “There are no two paths here: it is not corruption or justice. There is only one way here, which is justice and this is what we expect.” “


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