Christina Kirchner links the attack to the legal case against her


  • During his petition, the Vice President described the alleged corruption trial as a story

  • He assured that courts give “social license” to “anyone” to do “anything”, such as try to kill him.

“I thought this trial was to defame or defame me, but as of September 1 (the night of the attempted murder), I guess there could be something else“, assured the Vice President of Argentina this Friday Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. He did so during his plea in the framework of a legal case for allegedly leading an “illegal association” involving the public works business during his government (2007–2015). Fernandez assures that the failed attack is no stranger to what she believes political persecution launched from the courts. “From the jurisdiction, social license So that anyone can think and do anything,” he said of the moment a gun was pointed at him.15 cm from face,

The Vice President suspected that the “arrested gangs” posed as the content writers of the attack.promisingBecause of an incident that could have taken this country to a political disaster. Four youths, including the one who tried to kill him, have been arrested and charged. heinous murder attempt, “No one can imagine that they planned what they did to me.” The vice president did not miss an opportunity to point out that a lawyer who was acting as an adviser to a right-wing opposition senator is defending members of that group.

office attack

Fernández de Kirchner recalled that there had been an incident of violence prior to the September 1 incident, an attack on his office in the Senate for 40 minutes and “stop it without any force“, as well as symbolic execution in a public place by a far-right group.

in respect of a legal matter for which Prosecutor Diego Luciani seeks 12 years in prison And his permanent disqualification, the Vice President assured that he has been denied the right to defence. In his opinion, the process is a “narrative”, moreover, carried out outside the Constitution. “Exemption? I’m feeling very restlessWith this justice in a state of defenselessness”.

In this regard, he pointed to prosecutors and judges who “regularly” visited the then president, Mauricio Macrique, He also highlighted the fact that Luciani and one of the court members are to issue sentences that “played football together” at a former president’s estate in Buenos Aires.

disputes and claims

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The lawsuit against Fernandez de Kirchner unfolds deep division That nest in the society. While supporters of the vice-president are seeking the indictment of the vice-president ahead of next year’s elections, the right-wing opposition sees Luciani as Sergio Moro of Argentina, pointing to the magistrate who ordered 500 Took more than days. to jail Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Morrow described as a hero in 2018. Three years later, the trial against the former Brazilian president was dropped and the former judge lost his parchment.

Throughout his argument, Fernández de Kirchner insisted that the actions of his government could not be subject to judicial review, among other reasons because it “administrative workThis happened in the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, which had already been clarified by his court. The Vice President congratulated his lawyers for the “professional practice of law” that allowed the party’s strategy and arguments to be “clearly” . Rejected. Accused.”unbelievable lies perpetuated that the prosecutors develop and the arbitrariness committed in this trial were also left to broad daylight”. In this sense, he asked Luciani to be investigated for the crime of prejudice.

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