China’s response to Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons


During the last Wednesday, September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses West of nuclear blackmail and leaves no doubt in his determination, “This is no joke. And those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that WeatherVen can change and point to them,” he said.

Putin also recalled that his country has different means of destruction and, in some respects, they are more modern than NATO countries. He also assured that if the territorial integrity of his country is threatened, he will use all means at his disposal to defend Russia.

In this framework, world leaders have spoken in front of Putin’s threats. Representatives of the Chinese government also cited a strong message.

The Asian country has called for dialogue and said it supports any effort that leads to a ceasefire in Ukraine. “We must support all efforts for a peaceful solution to this crisis”A spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs said, Wang Wenbin, After Putin’s announcement

The representative recalled that China’s position on the conflict has always been clear and has not changed. He explained that this ranged from respecting the territorial integrity of all countries, including Ukraine, as well as paying attention to “legitimate concerns of all countries”Referring to Russia.

The Chinese government has also spoken out against sanctions imposed on Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine. It recognizes that it has no basis in international law and does not offer solutions to problems.

Russia claims 10,000 volunteers a day have asked to mobilize in Ukraine

After President Vladimir’s announcement, about 10,000 people voluntarily mobilized in the invasion of Ukraine in the last 24 hours. PutinReported the Russian General Staff on 22 September.

General Staff spokesman Vladimir Simlyansky told the Interfax agency, “On the first day of the partial mobilization, about 10,000 civilians came of their own free will to the recruitment offices without waiting for their summons.”

Images published on social networks reportedly show moments from the city of Yakutia (Siberia), with serious-looking men hugging their loved ones, some of them crying, before boarding the bus.

The Defense Ministry did not release an official image of the mobilization and did not provide figures on the number of people called in by the military.

on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin announces “partial mobilization” of about 300,000 reservists Those who have “military experience”. However, many Russians fear mass mobilization.

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