Chile: Chief of staff resigns after massive email leak



Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMCO) armed forces (army force) pepperGeneral Guillermo Paiva He submitted his resignation on Thursday after a massive email leak that contained sensitive national security information.

Known after the resignation of the uniformed officer Security breach by hacker group McCaw issued more than 400,000 email messages from EMCO, including documents classified as “reserved”, “secret” and “top secret”. The incident is so serious that Defense Minister Maya Fernandez suspended her participation in the President’s visit to New York. To return to the country and face a crisis that affects all branches of the armed forces.

Along with giving the record to military justice for promoting a criminal investigation, the executive ordered an administrative summary to set out responsibilities. CongressMeanwhile, has already taken action and his commission National Defense Summoned the Secretary of State along with the Under Secretary and the Chief EMCOtaking into account the scope of the leak.

According to local investigation, Leaked files include cyber security, communications and border surveillance dataIn addition to sensitive information on intelligence and satellite surveillance systems.

Internal document – analyzed by the Biobiochiel Research Unit – details the care, complications and operating expenses of the Armed Forces During the conditions of exception established in the regions of Bio Bio and La Araucanía, under the mandate of the former President Sebastian Pinera,

According to secret reports, Chilean Navy and Army They disbursed more than 1,200 million pesos ($1.5 million) between October 2021 and April 2022, despite the fact that internal reports show a lack of basic equipment for uniformed officers stationed in the area.


Peru’s Armed Forces? There were warnings on different platforms that the email addresses of private companies would be known in the next few hours.But this also . From Peru, Protector, Ecuador, Colombia You Mexico which are directly related to military intelligence.

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