Chef Pau Rocio brings food and supplies to the Guayama community affected by Hurricane Fiona


guayama- six months have passed since last time Ruth Collazo Enjoyed the dinner plate.

That changed thanks to an initiative presented on Wednesday Nicolas Matta Corderosowner of the premises tropy shack Located in the Pozuelo sector in Guama. Chef Pau Rocio contacted the young businessman and immediately launched an action plan to help those affected by the floods Hurricane Fiona And that, in turn, continues without electricity and drinking water services.

He received donations from Puerto Rican farmers to cook vegetarian asopao with white rice and bread. Previously, they preached from house to house so that residents would know about the idea so that they could go to the trope hut to collect their share. About 300 families live in the community, some with bedridden people.

In addition, they prepared about 150 boxes with supplies such as coffee, water, cookies, canned goods, personal hygiene items, fruit and even matches.

“After the storm, we saw how the community was affected. Chef Pau communicated, arranged everything we had to do, we mobilized, we took turns and told everyone we met to come,” said Matta Cordero .

For Collazo, the intentions of young people will always be welcomed, especially because there are so many people who don’t have the facilities to hang out outside Pozuelo.

“Many people are affected in terms of homes, but this initiative of hot food and shopping always goes down well,” Collazzo said.

“The youth are becoming aware of the needs of our community amongst our elders and are delivering food to those most in need. This is a sign that there are still people with good feelings and a good heart,” he concluded.

Chef Pau Rocio, at left, talks with Nicolas Matta Cordero (blue shirt), owner of Tropi Shack. (Carlos Giusti/Staff)

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