Chavimochik: They ensure that the signing of the addendum is within the established time frame


In FreedomAuthorities, farmers and agri-exporters await the signing of an addendum to allow the works. Phase III of Chavimochik, where the Palo Rendo Dam It has been paralyzed since 2016 and the concessionaire has only managed to execute 70% of the construction.

regional governor of FreedomManuel Lempen Coronel pointed out that, after the period requested by the midagri and the concessionaire before the arbitral tribunal – for 90 more days, the appendix shall be signed within the time established.

“This week they are finalizing the addendum so that it can be issued to the Ministry of Economy and Finance and signed within the stipulated time frame. We hope to have this document approved by the middle of next month.” SolTv, expressed to Lempen Coronel.

For his part, the general manager of Chavimochik Special Project (PECh)Adilberto Sic, pointed out that the current concessionaire is going to dismantle the dam round stick and the remaining part of the third phase of this irrigation megaproject Freedom can be done in The modus operandi, or other forms of public works may also be analysed. This will help create a new hydraulic approach Of the Mother Channel going to Paizan.

“From the beginning, there was a proposal for early termination of the contract, where the concessionaire would only complete the dam round stick And then it remains to be seen how to complete the rest, but being able to improve that 127 kilometer section is opening up opportunities,” he told La Repubblica.

Phases I and II of Chavimochik have managed to boost the economy of La Libertad. Photo: Chavimochik Press

The senior PECh official also indicated how the section of the Mother Canal running from Moche to Euricap Pampas in Payzan district could be completed, which would allow the addition of new arable land in the Chikama Valley.

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