Chamber and Senate approve a measure revising tax on foreigners


After days of disputes, negotiations and seeking solutions, managing committee And this Lok Sabha Approved today, Wednesday, around midnight, the conference report of House Bill 1367 that revises the tax foreign,

In the Senate, the measure passed with 22 votes in favor and three votes against. Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives, he received the support of 48 of its members and no vote against it.

measures, the approval of which is part of an agreement between the two bodies for verification budget of the Legislative Assembly, there were votes against the Penepus senators Henry Newman, Gregorio Matias Rosario You Thomas Rivera Shatzo,

“With 22 votes in favor and three against, the report of the Conference Committee on House Bill 1367 has been approved,” The Vice President of the Senate reported, Marly Gonzalez,

It is now pending whether the two bodies will consider and validate the budget proposal tonight. The Chamber stopped work by 1:00 am.

“Whoever wins, wins. We have passed the most important measure of this session… As a result of the vote, House Bill 1367 is passed”The Speaker of the House said, Raphael “Titito” HernandezApplause among the members of the popular delegation.

To obtain its approval by both houses, as part of the negotiation process, all languages ​​which refer to Municipal Revenue Collection Center (CRIM), as the President of the Senate claimed yesterday, Tuesday, Joseph Louis Dalmau,

His counterpart in the Chamber agreed to approve the amendments as well as the budget during the general session ending on Thursday, tomorrow. Instead, he told the Senate that it had to approve the tax on foreigners today, which happened.

It is still uncertain whether—once approved by both chambers— fiscal inspection board (JSF) will receive and certify the budget proposal of the Legislature, as they set June 27 as the deadline for completing the transaction.

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