Cesar Hinostroza stuns Interpol and paralyzes international arrest warrants


headquarter of International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, suspends the dissemination of red alerts for the international search, location and capture of the fugitive former Supreme Court of Justice judge, Caesar Hinostroza Pariachi,

The reasons that generated this unusual decision are unknown. It is to be known that a few days ago there was a conflict between the Public Ministry and the Attorney General’s office on this issue. Both entities accused each other of not completing their tasks and allowing Hinostroza would be traveling anywhere in the world right now without anyone knowing,

But, as he was able to find out RepublicAfter a coordination meeting between representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office and the National Police, it was revealed that the problem was not due to the failure of any Peruvian authority.

The national and international arrest warrants issued by the Preparatory Investigation Court of the Supreme Court against Hinostroza for the “Cuelos Blancos del Puerto” case are still in force in Peru. Its spread is not active in the 195 countries that make up Interpol.

Before disappearing, former Supreme Judge attended hearing via teleconference

legal trap

When the Peruvian authorities consulted through the National Office of Interpol in Peru, they were informed that the suspension responded to a claim made by Hinostroza that, in accordance with the statutes and protocols of the international organization, controlled in full reserve. is done.

International police have said they cannot provide more information because they do not even have access to that process. The international arrest warrant for Hinostroza was kept in circulation until its location in the Interpol archives and its detection in Spain. Last July 6, it was revealed that Spanish authorities could no longer locate the former Peruvian magistrate in their territory. Hinostroza is believed to have fled to Belgium.

Based on this description, officials believe Hinostroza filed a claim with the Interpol File Control Commission.An autonomous and independent body that guarantees that the personal data processed through Interpol complies with the rules for processing organization.

That is, international search and arrest warrants do not have a political, military, racial or religious motive.

In accordance with the statutes of the said Commission, every person has the right to request access to the data that is in the Interpol files on his person and, therefore, to submit a claim, without the request being communicated to the country that has Search issued and arrest warrant.

While he was in Spain awaiting the determination of his extradition, Hinostroza would have requested that information and Submitted a request to Interpol to rectify or delete data about him, questioning its legality in accordance with Interpol law.

International Police Organization processes Hinostroza’s claim confidentially

In Spain, Hinostroza sought asylum, declaring himself a political persecution. It is possible that the former Chief Justice has also filed a similar claim in Interpol. Although Spain granted the extradition requests, judges commented on the criminal organization’s guilt and the illegality of the content of their telephone calls.

Upon receipt of a request, in accordance with Article 20 of its statute, the Commission said, “It shall take reasonable measures to respect the confidentiality of every request submitted and all elements involved in it. Location of the person who is the object of the request.” and all information about his legal representative, as well as any information expressly indicated as confidential by the Requester, is not disclosed to the National Central Bureau”.

This would explain why Interpol’s national office in Peru does not have access and cannot provide information on a request submitted by a former magistrate. In order to carry out its function, the above Control Commission always requests information from national Interpol offices, the Interpol General Secretariat or any other independent source, without risking the confidentiality of the process. The Commission may take up to nine months to respond to the applicant.

trip to france

Peruvian officials are evaluating the situation and reviewing the Interpol protocol. It is being assessed that a special commission travels to the International Police Headquarters in the city of Lyon, France, to obtain more accurate information and neutralize Hinostroza’s activities.

In the meantime, the situation is not clarified and extradition proceedings remain paralyzed, awaiting re-discovery of Hinostroza’s current whereabouts. Peru sent two extradition requests to Spain. Said the country approved them, but Hinostroza disappeared before delivery.

If Peru sends a third extradition request to Spain, it will be denied, as his current location is unknown. The extradition process is possible only when a country confirms that the person wanted is in its territory. To be located in another country, the cooperation of Interpol is required, Without the spread of the Red Alert, this would be difficult to achieve, meaning the former magistrate has managed to keep Peru under control.

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