Catalonia hoteliers revolt against smoking ban


Hoteliers can’t believe this announcement consultant of the health of the Generalitat, Joseph Maria Argimon, of ban smoking on rooftops Catalonia’s bars and restaurants. A piece of news that has come “in a hurry”, without consensus and at a “bad time” financially. They remember that inflation is through the roof and this decision of the government will be the reason Less external consumption and, therefore, less income.

Regulations intended to regulate “smoke-free spaces” in Catalonia have fallen like a bucket of cold water on a group that is dragging results after a two-year pandemic. For this reason, the director of the Barcelona Restaurant Guild, Roger Pallarolesdoes not deny Bring the Generalitat to justice.

Josep Maria Argimón, Catalan Minister of Health / EP

a few days after the new agreement

This “improvised” announcement of consultant comes a few days after approval New Collective Agreement for the Hotel Industry in Catalonia, which affects about 125,000 workers. with the support of UGT You Confecat — and with the rejection of the CCOO– stipulates wage increases of 4% in 2022, 3% in 2023 and 2% in 2024. In addition, it includes new activities such as modern restoration, riding and industrial kitchens.

However, UGT Hospitality and Tourism Secretary Dr. Igor Abascal, ensuring that, if they had known about the rooftop smoking ban before the agreement, they would not have given their approval. “If the government had announced it earlier, we would not have signed it. We are very clear about it,” he says.

result in template

Future regulation—which also considers the end of tobacco in school environments and bus stops— There will be economic consequences for entrepreneurs of the hospitality industry. “Many people use roofs to smoke in winter. If they can’t, they’ll stop sitting outside and want to stay inside. What are we going to do with those tables? Do we leave them empty?” Abascal asks. Accept that this is one of the biggest concerns. Logically, the fewer people use the roof, the fewer employees will be needed.”Empty roofs will result in layoffs of workers”, warns.

“By not being able to smoke, the duration of customers on the roof will be reduced and, therefore, expenses will be lower and so will the profit”, he explains. joseph carrerasThe option for Dr. Businessmen, president of the Girona Hospitality Association, is to adapt their exteriors to winter weather, although this would mean “an expense they will hardly be able to afford”.

waiters like policemen

On the other hand, the social part regrets that the responsibility of following the norms on the terraces once again falls on the workers, who “have been working as police officers for two years.” “There are no waiters to control whether someone smokes or not. It is the businessmen who have to bear the fine,” warned Abascal.

Barcelona / EP .  a waiter in an establishment in

Barcelona / EP . a waiter in an establishment in

in the same line it is pronounced paco galwanResponsible for the hospitality sector in Catalonia’s CCOO, which acknowledges that “has been achieved”threat verbal and physical” and “negative scores of premises via the Internet” for the simple fact that an employee asked the customer to comply with the law. “The waiters don’t have to expose themselves to these situations,” he says.

Nevertheless, all parties demand that the government, if it is to ban tobacco outside restaurants, Do it “with consensus and negotiation”. And they ask, above all, to take into account the economic damage this measure will cause to a sector that has “already been mistreated” by COVID.

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