Catalonia confirms 1,558 cases of monkeypox, 152 more than last week


Catalan health officials have confirmed the total as of this Friday 1,558 cases of monkeypox152 more than last week, as reported by the health department.

Since monkeypox infection began last May, Epidemiological Surveillance Network of Catalonia (XVEC) 2,248 suspected or probable cases of the disease, of which 1,558 have been confirmed. Most confirmed cases are men 19 to 60 years of age who have started symptoms between May 5 and July 31.

The Health Department has reported that almost all cases have been reported fever, fatigue, skin rash and swollen lymph nodes. Sports injuries, which can cause complications, is located in the genital, anus and mouth areas in most cases. These injuries can cause scar Permanent and complications, which may also require hospitalization on some occasions.

So far, serious complications Described are proctitis (inflammation of the lining of the rectum) and ocular involvement, which is necessary in some cases. admitted to hospitalHowever, he has already been discharged.

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related to Vaccines Administered in Catalonia against this disease, since the start of vaccination from 21 July to this Wednesday, a total of 1,045 doses390 more than last week, always by appointment.

Doctors have warned that those who are confirmed cases or are under study, it is very important that Avoid contact with other people or animals And don’t share items like bedding, towels or eating utensils.

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