Casa Azulai: Tradition, Modernity and Cooking Come Together in Pueblas


Casa Azulai is a building with a history of nearly 400 years And that, over the years, it has been restored, with additions, modifications and constant changes over time. It is a place in the heart of Puebla that combines history, modernity, tradition and An Indispensable Touch of GastronomyTo make a trip to the capital unforgettable.

With an ideal location, it forms the former Casa de los Azulejos, A wonderful destination to spend a few days in PueblaWhether to relax, have a business meeting or a romantic trip. The construction dates from the year 1650, when a tannery was established with a basic wooden structure. In the 17th century it became an obraje house, and between the 18th and 19th centuries, the house already had several rooms that were rented at low prices.

Its use changed over the years and was acquired by Tomas Ochoa Amarillas in 1926., the famous saddler of Angelopolis. At that time, the house underwent some changes in its image, where the finish in Talavera and Blacksmith stood out.

Casa Azulai has a remarkable place in Pueblas
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Beyond the luxury and comfort of a hotel at Casa Azulai Puebla Hotel Boutique You can enjoy the restaurant and terrace Azul Raizu Which offers a cozy and comfortable place with 100% Mexican food. Both guests and outside visitors can attend the restaurant,

There is also La Cantina Azul Raiz, an intimate space that expresses its Mexican roots, created especially for lovers of tequila and mezcal, two traditional Mexican drinks. The exquisite mixology menu will give all its visitors the pleasure of a unique and relaxing night out.

Casa Azulai is located at Calle 2 Orient #808, very close to convention centerfrom the street of toads and of the city’s zocalo, Features of the facility include free Wi-Fi network, Smart TV with cable, padded beds with very soft bedding and pillows allowing total comfort.

Too, It has places that have been preserved for many years. And it makes the house a work of art that should be enjoyed on your next trip to Puebla. The details that can be found are Coat of arms, fountain and hallwhich is the central courtyard and a former hall for the upper floor.

Luxury and Comfort Casa Azulai . are identified
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The main attraction of Casa Azulai is the Azul Rise TerraceHotel restaurant. Juan Gonzalez was in charge of assembling A menu that combines the best of food from every corner of our country, He is originally from Xalpa, Veracruz and has Oaxacan and northern Mexican roots. The menu is a reflection of them all, with a special touch that creates a unique experience for the visitors.

Juan Gonzalez created the menu for Terraza Azul Raizu
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