Carrier strike, June 27: Unions maintain measure after last meeting with MTC


Xavier MarchesPresident of National Union of Heavy Cargo Carriersratified Carriers’ halt for this Monday, June 27 after meeting with MTC representatives,

“Strike continues, we are in permanent session”, We have spoken with the minister, with the officials, but we have nothing in particular, no compromise, no compromise, and we stand by our standing position of dialogue,” the leader said on leaving the session. Told.

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Just like that, got marlon, President of Guild of Transporters and Drivers of Heavy Freightconfirmed that the five points highlighted in their list of claims are still under evaluation, for which the Minister of the Region, john barranzuelaAnd his team headed to a session of the Council of Ministers to reach a consensus.

for its part, Vacation They specified that they would only lift stoppages if government issues an emergency decree or any other extraordinary measure. Otherwise, he specified that the indefinite strike would continue. “You have to bring it up today, tomorrow or Sunday, but you have to be objective,” he said.

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On the other hand, he asked for the understanding of citizens about the consequences of the decision to restrict the flow of cargo transport. “Understand that we too have families, we all have to overcome problems and our transportation solution helps housewives to solve their problems too,” she said.

What are heavy load carrier associations demanding?

After 30 days of meetings and interactions Ministry of Transport and Communications, Heavy load carriers’ unions confirm their decision to go on a national strike this Monday, June 27, They persevere in their list of claims, the main points of which are the reduction of fuel prices and the regulation of “unfair competition” represented by Bolivian and Ecuadorian truckers entering Peruvian territory.

In addition, they demand the return of their public service status, a minimum quota of cargo movement in favor of regional carriers for mining activities, and regulation of toll collection.

Who will observe the transport strike this Monday, June 27?

According to Xavier MarchesThe carriers strike will be made to National level You Will be followed mainly by those who transport heavy loads, “We are waiting for confirmation from other provincial/territorial unions that are supporting,” he explained.

He also said that two public transport companies Lemon will also participate. However, what they will be is unknown.

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