Carla Simon picks up on Mercy’s announcement for ‘Alcars’ sequel


what a great success Carla Simonfilm director and screenwriter, this year has been Herald of La MercyBecause it may have seemed, when his name was announced, a conservative decision by the mayor less than a year before the election, which is turning sour, as it is believed that Barcelona is no longer just As announced by Felix de Azua in 1982, a Titanic, but it is without an orchestra. who have seenAlcarrs’ He must have felt compassion for Quimet, above all, the protagonist, a farmer overcome by circumstances, who is considered today (or so it is called in synagogues) the prototype of the average Barcelona, ​​things suffering from foreign causes would have been like that. Huh. We are a city of Quimets. Simon disagrees. “Above all – and he said it as if it were a declaration of love – this is the city that welcomed me& rdquo;. Grateful for this, what has happened is that the inaugural speech of 2022 has become, to the surprise of those present at the Salo de Sant, a preview of a fictitious second part of ‘Alcars’. do not miss it. A joy it will remain indelible for memory in the history of the festival.

This shouldn’t be necessary at this point in his commercial success, but, just in case, with a childhood attached to Barcelona and its cosmopolitan crown, it doesn’t hurt to recall the memories of Simon’s life in between. He was born in Hospital del Mar and lived in Badalona. Since the 1980s and a good part of the 1990s, a collective imagination of memories has been produced as if it were a dazzling era, thanks to an expression coined by Jean Forste, the local equivalent of the French call, ‘Trent Glorious’, but it was a year of being an orphan for this fragile filmmaker, losing his parents to AIDS. Thus he overtook Barcelona and headed for his exclusive transcript of the Alcarce, Les Plaines d’Hostoles, at La Garrotxa, where suddenly, what a fate, he turned the asphalt “The moisture of the grass, the mud on the shoes, the smell of manure, the dead insects and animals, the cold of winter, the eyes of the people…”.

Simone returned to study at the age of 17. right for him, to come with his suitcase one day, He is more of Barcelona than those who DO. claim to be (designation of origin) that is lacking in others. For three years, the population of Barcelona born in Barcelona is less than half48.8% against 51.2%, as reported by the efficient municipal statistics service, but as a good filmmaker, Simon explains it another way.

“I think of Josep Maria Forn’s great film,’burnt skin‘, and in the man who a train says: ‘I warn you that I love Catalonia, no one speaks badly of Catalonia to me, because that’s what I say, here I am dying of hunger. was staying there, I got work and food, Where is one from? well where can you stay?& rdquo;. Movie references couldn’t have disappeared with a herald like this and there were, of course, more.

For Simon, Barcelona is not just bread and work. is too much. “For me, Barcelona is culture, exhibitions at CCCB, Virena, Fabra i Ctes and the Center d’Art Santa Monica”. And, of course, Girona, Zumzig, Filmoteca, Phenomena, Verdi…”, How strange it sounds that it is, as they emphasize, the city of Quimets, and at the same time, when you go around the world you proudly say that you are from Barcelona and know firsthand that you are a Healthy jealousy will get it. That’s more or less how Town Carrier told it.

The point is that since he accepted the commission for the opening of the festival, it seemed clear to him that it was going to be premiered in a cinema like the first, with seats sometimes a few thousand, before. Remember Urgel cinema, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to promote the project in which he collaborates, Cinema in the Course, “A project born in Barcelona that educates through cinema the artistic and poetic sensibility of children and youth of public schools and institutions”, On occasion, the directors, cameramen and screenwriters of these films are students of the reception classes, many of whom have a family history not very different from that of the character in ‘La Pile Quemada’, and despite or thanks to this, the variety of locations. able to search. Barcelona unknown to most.

It has been a proclamation with a launch on the screen, something unusual, but the highlight of this serious work with which Mercy debuted has been something else, A Tasty Tale, Reading of ‘El Roger e Barcelona’ Screenplay, Possible Sequel to ‘Alcars’ In which Quimet’s son, another character overwhelmed by circumstances, leaves his hometown behind and moves to Barcelona like 17-year-old Simon.

Among Alcarce’s ‘non-actors’ who are up for more than one award, Albert ‘Roger’ Bosch and Berta Pipo, who played his Aunt Gloria in the film, took the stage at the Salo de Saint, and He has two friends in fiction, Albert Baldomo and Laura Roque.

The best part is, as Town Serior suggests, let your imagination run wild, because there’s nothing filmed in it, only typed text, and it deserves attention. If you don’t have time to entertain with eight pages right now, just light up here Roger’s first dive in Barcelona is in contrast to Stendhal’s syndrome, He is not overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, the city does not make him tachycardia and dizzy as if it were 19th century Florence, but he is dismayed by the noise, the crowds, the telegraphic instructions required to get off the train. And take the metro to the Sagrada Familia, which is not the Florentine Basilica of the Holy Cross.

it doesn’t help either their first lunch, quinoa with tofu (“of course the ‘father’s’ chickens will love it) And he does not get out of his surprise when in the market he sees the price of peaches and Paraguayans that his father sells at a loss, two and a half euros per kilo earlier, three and a half seconds. He takes a picture of it and sends it to Quimet, who immediately replies: “”Malperits!‘& rdquo;.

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Until further notice, Simon’s cinema is always autobiographical, Above all, such an approach to his first feature, “Estiue 1993”, and the sequel to “Alcars”, also emphasizes this. Roger will discover very soon, as it relates in the script, the infinite potential of this city to please, whenever it is allowed to do so. He walks with her and keeps her up at night. Razzmataaz and Apollo are not missing from their agenda.

The script ends with a photo message that Roger sends to his friend Micklet June. He has just photographed the festival fireworks. “Hey, crazy, a lot of stuff happens here, you’re already coming to visit me.”, La Merc is always a good opportunity to do so.

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