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The Cap Rog Festival experienced an intense Latin party last night thanks to Colombian singer and composer Camilo, who danced in public from the very first moment with his infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics of his songs. Camilo’s performance marked the second wave of new and vibrant Colombian pop landing in the Callela de Palafrugel event, and the first two strikes took place on 14 August, while waiting for what Morat does (at the moment, tickets are already sold out). are fixed with resounding successes.

Sebastian won the journey, and how, at the opening of the festival, and so did Camilo last night, who knew how to transmit from the stage the same naturalness and good vibes that his usual appearance on social networks and video clips feature of. Among his songs, which have contributed significantly to his popularity, despite the fact that his first solo album is from 2020.

Camilo, this Friday at the Cap Rog Festival in Callela di Palafrugela

Si Duran / Nord Media

With a group of musicians who knew how to communicate intensity and rhythm above all, but also sensitivity and sweetness when appropriate, and backed by images projected onto a screen, Camilo spent nearly two hours some of the best of his career. Songs reviewed. When preparing a new album, from inside to outside He also previewed some of the songs he intends to publish this year, recalling his previous works, for the first time (2020) and my hand Album of 2021 for which he won four Latin Grammy Awards.

His wife, Venezuelan actress and singer Ivaluna Montaner, took to the stage to sing three songs with him.

Thus, at the Cap Rog Festival venue, the songs are as popular as How … chanted by Camilo’s most loyal followers, who spread, like his songs, optimism, will to live, and joy. His passionate lyrics but with a warm tempo have made him one of the most popular artists of the time, despite a very long career, with his intelligent use of social networks and a special ability to create video clips, such as songs. for one hit it.

Camilo also solicits the engagement of his fans by sharing details of his personal life with him, and that’s why one of the high points of the night, at Encore, was when he performed. Indigo , the song he dedicated to his daughter in April with Venezuelan actress and singer Ivaluna Montaner and who sang with his partner on the stage of Cap Rogue. Together they sang for the first time You Machu Picchu , With his bohemian appearance, his distinctive moustache, his apparent irresistibility and his infectious enthusiasm, Camilo seeks (and finds) closeness with his followers, to whom he devotes several comments from the stage to the rendition. “Molen Molt”, he said, referring to the public, assuring that he knew just that in Catalan and promising that he would learn more on his next visit.

Camilo Concert at the Cap Roig Festival in Camilo de Palafrugel.  Si Duran/Nord Media

Camilo Concert at the Cap Roig Festival in Camilo de Palafrugela

Si Duran / Nord Media

Finally, a grand cheer for Camilo and the second resounding success of new Colombian pop in Cap Rogue; The following Sunday, with Morat, the third and final attack. At least for this summer.

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