Candidates for mayor of Arequipa promise water works and transportation routes


Four candidates for the provincial mayor of Arequipa yesterday debated on the second day of the Annual Congress of the Arequipa Region (CARA). The attendees were Gilmar Luna (Fuerza Arequipeña), Víctor Hugo Rivera (Together for the Development of Arequipa), Justo Mayta (Arequipa, Tradition and Future) and Benigno Cornejo (Arequipa Let’s Advance).

At one point in the debate, the candidates answered about the priority investment project of their eventual management. The vision was shared between new road infrastructure and water and drainage projects.

Victor Hugo Rivera said that a priority project of his management would be to provide water to the southern cone, for which he would build two dams. The money will be obtained by talking with the Cerro Verde mining company. In the same sense, Benigno Cornejo argued that it is essential to ensure water and drainage for the inhabitants of Arequipa.

On the other hand, Gilmar Luna said that his priority will be to build a ring road linking the districts of Sabandía and José Luis Bustamante and Rivero, to decongest the southern cone. After the debate, Justo Mayta was asked about the same issue and he replied that a priority work should be to build the 54 and Metropolitan roads.

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The candidates did not miss an opportunity for the punches, referring to their actions as public authorities or presidents of private institutions. Benigno Cornejo questioned the passing of Víctor Hugo Rivera as president of the International Club, a period in which a roof fell off the volleyball court. “What guarantees us that in managing it there will be good services?” Cornejo also questioned Gilmar Luna for his management as mayor of Uchumayo, due to a Comptroller’s report that finds damages due to the construction of a swimming pool.

Cornejo was also the target of criticism, including for the license granted by the municipality of Cerro Colorado (where he is mayor on leave) to the Lady Scort brothel. In the final speeches, Rivera also criticized Cornejo’s district administration. “Many say they have awards as mayors, but we see a disastrous district (…) With us there will be no more brothels.”

candidates protest

The election of the candidates for the debate was based on the Datum survey, commissioned by the Arequipa Chamber of Commerce. The first four places were chosen. This aroused the protest of other applicants, who demonstrated yesterday in the morning hours.

Anghelo Huerta of United for the Great Change, insinuated that only the four candidates would have been invited because they have a millionaire campaign, compared to the rest. For his part, Edwin Martínez of Popular Action called the Chamber of Commerce unbiased for “getting carried away by polls aimed at benefiting candidates who defend their economic interests.”

Both threatened to prevent the debate from taking place, but at night there was no problem outside the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce.

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