Cancellation of the cast by Ana Bernal-Trivino


Pio H. Riano tells what happened a few days ago In the Prado Museum, on the occasion of the year Picasso, While in 2021 the art gallery director applauded, saying that art cannot be analyzed by today’s values, this year it was the art history professor’s turn, diego star, And he said something at that conference that would call us to reflect on the painter from Málaga: “My students at the university believe that there is no place for them in today’s world. They want be removed from museums And they take it to the stores. I don’t want to cancel Picasso, but Picasso must stop being who he has always been so that we can find another Picasso”. He also added another brilliant phrase: “rape has always been rapeEven if it was executed by Zeus & rdquor.

And here the thunder box always opens, because A minimalist approach will never accept a change of vision, And feminism is always pointed to as the cause of this evil, rather than believing that “this evil” is inspired by a . dark and silent pastTo live with the golden letters in history. Art is full of images of violence against women, physical and symbolic, where many were depicted as demons seeking revenge, to mark them forever. Behind it is the story of underprivileged women who wanted to become painters and feared that they would be shadowed or disgraced companions or lovers of illustrious painters. Perhaps in the same way, to be honest, his works will not end in the warehouses.

stay in the comfort zone of art It’s more comfortable than rethinking works and artists, The same happens with literature, cinema, music… The stories of violence against women are repeated again and again. Countless historians and artists have raised their voices to narrate the real and hidden history in spite of immense contradictions in themselves, because we have all been educated to admire certain ‘geniuses’.

Great Paula Boneta He said this week that his admiration for Picasso’s work does not diminish his awareness of his personal past. I myself, with my training as an art historian, have devoted much of my life to analyzing his work, but now the real thing is to tell, It’s not about canceling or closing. Why not use painting, writing, film… to explain the generalized history of violence against women? Talk about their rapes, their attacks, their kidnappings… He sees a reference in youth art not to perpetuate it, but to normalize it. Understanding Where We Come From Helps Know Where We Are Going, Because it is not normal for people to tremble before Goya’s painting ‘Saturn devouring his son’, not before ‘The Abduction of the Sabine Woman’.

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Why we can’t harness the full potential of art stop romanticizing violenceTo create an aura of fantasy about love, to speak of ‘muscles’, when tolerated relationship of passion and abuse, To those who are infamous because they think it all cancels out the image of ‘geniuses’, I’ll just say this for a minute, also worry about the ones that were canceled It is considered so for those talents. Is it fair that Picasso’s name should remain untouched by . Name of dora mare, a huge painter and photographer in front of him, just because she was his partner and made him crazy about her? And let’s transfer it to today’s names. Is it fair that many actresses lost their jobs after defending themselves from rape or abuse? Harvey Weinstein, by his order? Is it fair that opera singers were dropped from their careers after being rejected? Placido Domingo, Isn’t it perhaps only for revenge to be canceled through the power of his name, women and his artistic talent? Does anyone care about those cancellations?

We are not here for revenge asking them to be taken down from museums or cinemas, Don’t talk to us about cancellation, when there have been great cancellation women. Perhaps it is time, since their names are not in the story, for that story to do justice to them, at least telling the truth about them, and who were covered by those ‘geniuses’. That is what is asked.

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