Canadell (JxCat) suggests mimicking Iran protests


Updated: 09.21.2022 23:26 h.

The deputy of Together for Catalonia (JxCat) Joan Canadell suggests to the independence movement that it imitate the unrest of these days in Iran for mahsa aminia young woman who died while in police custody after being arrested for improperly wearing the veil. Some protests that, for now, have resulted in half a dozen dead and multitudes of protesters injured.

Canadell, post-convergence deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia and former president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, has echoed the protests in the Asian country by playing a video on his social networks, in which a group of protesters from the town of Amol confronting and throwing objects at the police, forcing them to back down.

“Here’s a hint on how it’s done”

Along with the video in question, the JxCat politician made this comment: “To those who ask how it’s done… here’s a clue”, in a clear allusion to the secession of Catalonia.

JxCat deputy Joan Canadell, suggesting imitating the riots in Iran / TWITTER

The comparison between Spanish democracy and the Iranian regime is not the first outburst by Canadell, who, even before his election as a deputy of the Parliament – a position for which he receives a annual salary of more than 63,000 euros— has been at the center of many controversies for his ultra-nationalist and Hispanophobic comments. Among them, for example, having come to affirm, in the harshest phase of the coronavirus pandemic, that “Spain is unemployment and death, Catalonia life and future”among many others.

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