Can Haaland or Lewandowski break Messi’s historical record?


Erling Haaland And Robert Lewandowski Currently the best centre-forward in the world soccer And every time he is on the pitch he proves it.

Their start to the season has been undeniable, and the two have devoured any doubts about their potential adaptation to a new league.

Counting LaLiga Santander and the Champions League, Lewandowski has 11 goals in 8 games; When counting the Premier League and Champions League, Haland Scored 14 goals in 10 matches.

These are staggering numbers that allow us to predict whether one might break even further Leo MasseyThe record for scoring goals in a season.

In this article we will try to analyze how lewandowski And Haland Score their goals, what are their strengths and what kind of strikers they are, and can this information predict whether they will compete with the 2011/12 edition Messi,

Messi’s astronomical figures

82 goals, a figure previously classified as “unattainable”, was written by Leo Massey In the history books of football.

It was written in gold and glitter at the end of the 2011/12 campaign, the most prolific of his career in front of Target, and has been unsurpassed ever since.

Of those 82 goals scored by the Argentine star, 73 were barcelona (in 60 games) and 9 for Argentina (in 9 games, counting from the end of that year’s Copa America).

M.  Messi's goal against

A goal by Messi against Málaga in 2011/12 / MARILU BAEZ.

This is how Haaland scored his goals

Erling Haaland Ready to be the greatest striker of the next decade. Born in Leeds but raised in Bryan, he practically started scoring goals from the day he jumped from cradle to pitch.

Haland Norway has exceeded 150 goals in his professional career with only over 200 official appearances between club and national team.

But how Haland Score his goals? Counting only home championships in his career, Haaland used his left foot as his main weapon, scoring 67 goals coming from that foot, while 15 were scored with his right and 9 with his head. All according to data provided by ‘Drilab’.

The Norwegian has scored 29 goals from inside the six-yard box, 58 from the rest of the penalty area and just 4 from outside the field.

However, if there is one thing Haaland can be criticized for in his game, it is probably his reliance on his left foot when it comes to his finishing.

Haland seems to have been the missing piece Manchester City To be a near-perfect team pep guardiola praising his influence.

“He reads where the place is. And, of course, he’s a guy who’s in the box. We want to play there a lot of time, score a lot of goals and put in a lot of balls so that he feels comfortable and used What an incredible weapon. He’s someone who comes to the box and looks like he can score,” guardiola Told in press conference.

except punishment, HalandThe xG (expected target) is at 5.73. And he has scored 10 goals on the move.

In other words, the number of shots required for the quality of play is vastly improved by his quality and eye for the target in contact with the ball.

He takes 4.07 shots per game and averages 1.57 goals per game in the Premier League.

Lewandowski: A penalty area shooter

Robert LewandowskiCareer is made on the basis of merit. Its beginning. happened with Znicz Pruszkow, Lech Poznan, Dortmund, Bayern and now Barcelona,

He climbed a ladder without pulling the handbrake, scoring goal after goal and breaking record after record. Age is not a barrier for him.

Calculation lewandowskiOver the past five seasons, the Barcelona player has had a clear inclination to the right foot, while using his head more often than Haaland.

while he is more adept out of the field HalandHe has scored only 9 goals from outside the box while 133 from inside.

However, the most important thing is that lewandowski He has the ability to adjust the ball out of reach of the goalkeeper. Key to every striker.

make difficult easy. This season, Pole has been showing extreme efficiency when scoring with more or less shots: 10 goals from 14 shots.

He shoots 5.01 times per game and according to OPTA his xG (excluding penalties) is 1.39 per 90 minutes.

Also, according to this statistic, Dhruv should have 6.95 goals but he has 8.

Although he is not on the same level Haland In this section, he is still scoring higher than what the statistics predict.

Will they be able to beat Messi’s 82 goals…?

First, before attempting to answer this question, it should be noted that no science has been able to accurately predict what will happen in a season.

Injuries, drop in form and suspension… all make it impossible.

So, we’ll try to orient that path and draw lewandowski And Haland are now following, and whose goal is still controlled Leo Massey,

Argentina played 60 matches for their club in 2011/12. He completed 37 of 38 league matches, reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, won the Copa del Rey, and played the Club World Cup, the Supercopa de Espaa and the European Super Cup. Then, with Argentina, he played 9 games.

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