Calf attacks a reporter and affects thousands of users during live broadcast


Live streams don’t always play as expected. This is exactly what happened to a journalist during a live link; His video has gone around the world and has been viewed thousands of times. Twitter,

A press lady witnessed a competition with a calf. In front of the camera, he explained that the contestants would take part in a few tests, which took place in the middle of a class.

The public waited for their favorite group to win, when it was least expected. While the reporter explained that they would do another test and when he saw the little cow his fear was gone, the animal took one last turn and pounced on the woman.

“I’ve taken this fear away from the heifer, I’m taking it in a gustilo,” pointed the woman when suddenly the mammal charged at her and began to drag her across the floor.

The video was broadcast live and thousands of viewers were stunned by the journalist’s eventful participation. As expected, the recording has become shared on the @Erramun2014 account viral Seeing the incredible images of cattle dragging the reporter.

Dog steals microphone from a reporter in the middle of a broadcast and she runs after him to pick it up

The job of street journalists is usually quite difficult. They face all kinds of obstacles when trying to expose some news, even if it seems harmless, as happened to a journalist in Russia. did you see viral tiktok video,

A young journalist was broadcasting live from a city area. As she was talking to the camera, a mischievous puppy came up to her and snatched her microphone. The animal fled with its ‘prey’ and the reporter was busted live.

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