Cajamarca: César Vásquez proposes to strengthen agriculture and execute 144 paralyzed projects


The strengthening of agriculture with a program of manures and fertilizers, the dam construction to intensify the irrigation of the fields, and the execution of 144 high-impact projects that are paralyzed, comprise the proposals of the candidate for the Regional Government of Cajamarcafor Alliance for Progress (APP), César Vásquez Sánchez.

“Unfortunately, Cajamarca, despite being a region with great potential and providing millions in resources for the State thanks to mining, is the poorest department of Peru and occupies the last places in the development indicators. This is a tremendous contradiction. How is such a rich region so poor?” she pondered.

In this regard, César Vásquez specified that he will focus on solve three main problems of the region: strengthen the agro-industrial sector, promote jobs and facilitate access to drinking water.

“Cajamarca suffers from a serious problem due to access to drinking water safe for the population. Currently, only the capital city and one district consume treated water. We are going to implement a regional program to guarantee safe water and sanitation for all Cajamarcans, through the construction of water treatment plants and basic sanitation services for the capitals and other cities”, he maintained.

César Vásquez, regarding the agro-industrial sector, considered that it is necessary to provide it with infrastructure and guarantee water for agricultural activities. “We will promote the harvest and distribution of water for livestock and agriculture, through a regional program of manure and fertilizers for small and medium farmers,” he detailed.

César Vásquez promises a shock of jobs in Cajamarca. Photo: Courtesy.

He highlighted the importance of generating Job positions in Cajamarca, through works that are paralyzed due to previous mismanagement. “According to the Comptroller, we have 144 high-impact projects that are paralyzed and that add up to almost 2,000 million soles wasted,” he declared.

“We are going to implement a public investment shock region to generate thousands of jobs, through the execution of large projects such as the Cajamarca – Ciudad de Dios Highway, water dams, a network of neighborhood roads with bilayer, water and sanitation infrastructure for the countryside, etc. We are also going to promote private investment, by protecting the environment and ensuring direct benefit for our countrymen”, he concluded.

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