Cain Velasquez gets judge’s permission to wrestle with Triple A in Arizona


a The judge responsible for Cain Velasquez’s bail allowed the fighter to return to wrestling on Tuesday, nine months after he remained behind bars for an alleged attempted murder of one name.

Cain has been cleared by the authorities to return to action and perform Wrestling AAA-Held shows in the United States. The event will take place on December 3 in Tempe, Arizona.

The Mexican-American would have to finance a police officer to monitor his movements in a trip that ends on the 4th of the last month of the year.

According to ESPN, a judge has been temporarily suspended Velasquez He has house arrest and a tracker for this wrestling match, and has to pay out of his own pocket to accompany the police.

Under what circumstances will Cain Velasquez travel?

Judge Arturo Boccanegra, who weeks ago gave Velasquez The bailiff’s authority, noted Monday that he was inclined to grant the travel request, but was waiting to hear about the logistics of travel and the possibility of fighting with electronic ankle shackles.

This Tuesday he explained in detail the conditions of the East UFC To make that journey the champion must meet:

must arrange for the electronic handcuffs to be removed before traveling and put it back on upon return

Velasquez Can leave California on December 1st, but must be back by December 4th.

must appoint a law enforcement officer to accompany his defendant in Arizona cain and track his movements

Velasquez was released from the Santa Clara County Jail on November 9 after posting a $1 million bond. As part of the agreement, Cain must remain under house arrest, wear a GPS handcuff to monitor him, receive treatment for impulse control, and stay away from the victims in the case.


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