Businessman linked to ‘Los Chiclayanos’ won 37 contracts


According to statements by effective collaborators and protected witnesses, Chotano businessman Hover Guevara Martínez is a character very close to the Los Chiclayanos group, the circle of countrymen and friends of the president Peter Castle.

Probably, this proximity explains why the Hover company Guevara Martínez, Contadores e Ingenieros Asociados, won four contracts to supervise the execution of drinking water and sanitation works in the districts of Anguía and Tacabamba –in which it has been proven that there were irregularities in the tenders–, and in those of Cutervo and San Luis de Lucma. These projects received funds from the Emergency Decree 102-2021, of October 29, 2021.

As revealed by an investigation by La República, The Chiclayanos managed to get President Pedro Castillo to sign DU 102-2021, dated October 29, 2021, to finance projects of public works of your interest. In the list of provincial and district municipalities favored with the transfers, Anguía, Tacabamba, Cutervo and San Luis de Lucma are counted, which would later contract the firm Accountants and Associated Engineers, of Hover Guevara Martínez.

This newspaper called several times and left messages to three telephone numbers of the businessman Guevara, but received no answer and hopes that he will be contacted to collect his version.

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Hover Guevara’s company precisely supervised the work of three million soles that the mayor of Anguía, Nenil Medina Guerrero -one of Los Chiclayanos-, awarded to the company of his accomplice, businessman Hugo Espino Lucana. Espino declared before the authorities that he paid the mayor Nenil Medina a bribe that corresponded to 10% of the total cost of the drinking water and sanitation project.

Hugo Espino Lucana himself told the Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption of Power that the hiring of technical studies, consulting and supervision were also part of the fraud scheme in the award of public works.

Espino knew it because Nenil Medina hired his company for these purposes.

One more piece of evidence of the closeness of the chotano Hover Guevara Martínez with the Mayor Nenil Medina is the report of the Financial Intelligence Unit on money movements between one and the other.

Guevara also supervised the construction of a rural road for the municipality of Anguía, a work of 19.5 million soles which was awarded without bidding, directly, by Mayor Nenil Medina to Grupo Constructor Parasol, owned by Daniel Obregón Flores. Medina and Obregón are imprisoned for their relationship with the case of fraud in public works tenders.

According to the State Electronic Procurement and Contracting System (SEACE), Hover’s company Guevara Martínez, Contadores e Ingenieros Asociados, obtained 37 awards during the government of Pedro Castillor for 15.8 million soles.

Most of the contracts correspond to supervisions and consultancies. There is a common link between the mayor Nenil Medina and the businessman Daniel Obregón: the two financed Pedro Castillo’s presidential campaign.

But Hover Guevara it also won three contracts for the execution of public works, all awarded by the provincial municipality of Cutervo, Cajamarca region, for 4.8 million soles. Following the trail of money from Guevara to Medina will reveal more secrets.


Evidence. It is accredited that Los Chiclayanos, Those who boasted that they were advising President Castillo interfered in the preparation of DU 102-2021.

Single signature. President Castillo and Geiner Alvarado signed the decree.

Infographic – The Republic

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