British royals welcome Ukrainians, but prefer not to go public


Some members of the British royal family have opened their doors to refugees Ukrainiansin addition to doing financial donations to humanitarian organizations, publishes this Saturday the ‘Daily Express’.

The newspaper indicates that the alleged hosts prefer not to make their contribution publicfor security reasons, among others.

Add that you you do not know what type of accommodation has been offeredof the multiple farms and private properties of different types that the royalty has, or in what place of the United Kingdom.

“We are helping in various waysbut we will not comment further,” a spokesman for the Londoner told the newspaper. Buckingham Palace.

Members of the monarchy like the Prince carlosheir to the throne, and his wife, Stretcherand the dukes of cambridge, William Y KatherineThey have shown publicly support the Ukrainian cause via donations and visits to that community in the UK.

According to the ‘Express’, even the queen Isabel IIwho normally tries not to get involved in politics, has in solidarity by dressing in the colors of the Ukrainian flag or choosing flower arrangements for Windsor Castle (about 40 kilometers west of London) in blue and yellow.


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