Britain has promised military aid to Ukraine until Russia is defeated.


this Wednesday, Liz Truss got engaged Ahead of the 77th United Nations General Assembly this Wednesday increasing military aid to Ukraine, That is, until he secured his victory against Russia. It was announced in his first international speech as Prime Minister United Kingdom,

“At this critical moment, I remain committed to maintaining and increasing our military support to Ukraine, no matter how long it may take us to do so. We will not rest until the victory of Ukraine, This is a defining moment in our history and the history of independence,” Truss said.

Just like that, condemned the summons putinPresident of Russiaof To mobilize 300 thousand reservists to fight in the invasion of Ukraine And assured that “it tries to justify its catastrophic failure. He talks of democracy when there are no human rights or freedoms under his rule.

British Prime Minister at the UN. Photo: Special.

,Ukrainian They are not only protecting their country, are protecting our values ​​and security Of all the world That’s why we must act,” the UK Prime Minister said.

truss charge Blackmailing Russia’s decision to cut off energy supplies to Europe, He said, “We cannot be blackmailed by the irresponsible actions of illegal elements abroad. We will not depend on those who want to use the world economy as a weapon. Let the free world fight authoritarian competition. There is a need to strengthen the economy.”

The UK has trained members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Photo: Special.

in present, UK second largest Ukrainian military donorSince 2015 it has trained 27,000 members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, while in the past year it has provided air defense systems, armored vehicles and non-lethal military equipment.

“My message to the people of Ukraine is this: The UK will continue to support them every step of the way., Your safety is our security,” Truss concluded in his speech.

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