Box of mango sold for Rs 31K in Pune, trader says it’s highest bid in 50 years


How much would you pay to get your hands on your favorite mango? Would you consider paying Rs 31,000 for a box of mangoes? Yes, that was the price paid for a box of mangoes in a Pune market during an auction. One merchant reacted by stating that it was the “most expensive” purchase in 50 years. On February 11, the first box of the famous Hapus mango arrived at the Pune APMC market from Devgad in Maharashtra. An auction was held to sell this box of mangoes, with bids ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 31,000.

According to Yuvraj Kachi, a trader, the first box of mangoes to hit the market was offered for Rs 18,000. The second box was sold for Rs 21,000, and the third and fourth were sold for Rs 22,500 each. Kachi said that the fifth box to be auctioned at the market sold for Rs 31,000. It is the highest bid in the Pune market in the past 50 years, Kachi was quoted as saying by the news agency. AND ME.

Kachi said these were the season’s early mangoes, adding that they were “auctioned off as a ritual because it decides the fate of the trade for the next two months.”

Kachi also added that the business was closed for two years due to COVID-19. Now that things are back to normal, traders want to resume as soon as possible.

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A YouTube video shared by the news agency showed a flower garland on the mango boxes.

This is not the first time that mangoes have been bought at such a high price. During last year’s pandemic, a girl who missed classes due to lack of access to online education was forced to sell mangoes to buy a smartphone so she could attend online classes. A businessman from Mumbai, who had heard about her ordeal, rushed to her aid. Seeing the girl’s determination, 11-year-old Tulsi Kumari from Jamshedpur, businessman Ameya Hete he bought 12 mangoes from him for 10,000 rupees each and deposited Rs 1,20,000 in the girl’s father’s account, with which her parents bought her a smartphone.


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