Borrell immediately called twenty-seven to answer the Kremlin


High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell. , AFP

The High Representative for EU Diplomacy calls on the international community to “react” to Russia’s latest moves

The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, on Wednesday called for an emergency meeting of twenty-seven foreign ministers in response to the “serious escalation” in Russia, followed by the announcement by its President Vladimir Putin. Mobilization of 300,000 reservoirs.

The Supreme Representative of European Diplomacy has convened a press conference in New York – where he is to attend a series of events within the framework of the 77th UN General Assembly – to ask the international community to “react” to Putin’s latest movements, whom he accused of putting twenty-seven in an “unacceptable position”, reaffirming that nuclear threats represent “a real threat to all” to which the international community “must react” and potentially new sanctions against Russia. has been carried forward. will be studied.

“We will not let them scare us. The international community has to respond,” Borrell said, referring to the latest maneuver by Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom he said the twenty-seven foreign ministers would hold talks this Wednesday on how to address the situation. In this sense, Although without anticipating a possible outcome of the emergency session, the Supreme Representative of European Diplomacy has opted to “emphasize” the “economic and personal” sanctions that the EU has adopted to date.


However, he clarified that the EU is “not belligerent” and “not going to participate in the war”. “We are not going to participate in the war, we only support Ukraine, which is already quite a significant effort,” he said. Similarly, Borrell has opted to “do political pedagogy” to explain the consequences of war, the origin of the worldwide economic crisis. “Ukraine is being bombed with missiles and the rest of the world is being bombed by rising electricity and food prices.”

Borrell acknowledged, “We have to start a war of fiction, which we are not going to win overnight,” with particular emphasis on stating that the reason for the increase in the cost of living is “not the sanctions (on Russia), it is There is war itself. Finally, he warns that the possibility of a nuclear accident is “not ruled out”, even more so when Putin himself has threatened to use all his potential. When it comes to nuclear matter, it also includes the atom,” Borrell warned.

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