Boredom and Hungry: NFT-Based Restaurant Ensures It Continues To Accept Payments In Cryptocurrency


This is not a good time for NFTs, Most of these digital assets have lost their value and there is a lot of uncertainty about the sector, which, as it was born in 2021, looked like it was about to happen. Revolutionizing the world of digital art, While the non-fungible tokens are flowing, the restaurant based on these assets is catching up.

boredom and hungerlocal based on collection Bored Ape Yacht ClubKeep the shutters open, in Los Angeles. And this despite the fact that it continues to accept payments in cryptocurrencies Los Angeles Times It was recently reported that this Long Beach burger joint had stopped accepting Apcoin and Ethereum as means of payment due to the cryptocurrency debacle.

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This US media quoted an employee of the place, which opened this April, who claimed that it could only be paid for in dollars. Furthermore, the article gathered testimony from several customers who confirmed that they frequented the restaurant because the food was really good and not because they wanted to pay in cryptocurrency.

But this information contradicts the restaurant’s co-founder Andy Nguyen’s version and the official account. bored and hungry, Who has given a call to “Stop Fake News”. And he demonstrated it with a video published on June 27, in which you can see that you effectively pay with cryptocurrencies.

According to Nguyen, the place will never stop accepting cryptocurrencies and added that, in any case, the price will be continuously adjusted to the value of the cryptocurrency to match the value of the dollar.

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Los Angeles TimesAfter learning that the space continues to accept cryptocurrencies, one of Burger Joint’s co-founders, Kevin Seo, has updated its information with the version that Nguyen is in line.

This place will always accept cryptocurrencies

This place will always accept cryptocurrencies

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It turns out that at the time the reporter was visiting boredom and hunger Payment systems were being upgraded and cryptocurrency payments were temporarily suspended. So it was just a sham.

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