Bombshell Text Messages Reveal Ron Johnson Is Trying To Fool Wisconsin


Text messages show that Sen. Ron Johnson met with Wisconsin state legislative Republican leaders to discuss getting rid of the state election commission and giving control of federal elections to the Republican-controlled state legislature.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

When U.S. Senator Ron Johnson made a rare visit to the Wisconsin state capitol last fall to meet with legislative leaders, the expected agenda was to discuss dismantling the state election commission, newly released text messages between top staffers suggest. legislative.

Johnson met privately for an hour with Republican legislative leaders at the state capitol in early November, weeks before launching a re-election campaign and as the state’s Republican base called for more and more scrutiny of how the 2020 election was run.

Ron Johnson is trying to rig Wisconsin for Trump

Johnson wants to take power away from the independent state election commission and hand it over to the Republican-dominated state legislature. There is a reason he wants the legislature to have control over federal elections.

Senator Johnson is trying to establish a system where the legislature can override the will of the people of Wisconsin and potentially hand the state over to Donald Trump in 2024.

The effort to rig the upcoming presidential election for Trump runs deeper than voter suppression bills. The Republicans are also trying to destroy the commissions and institutions that protect the independence and integrity of elections.

Ron Johnson should come out and say it. He is trying to rig the upcoming presidential election for Trump.

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