Boebert defends Freedom Convoy claiming pandemic restrictions are worse


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) defended Canada’s “Freedom Convoy,” the ongoing protest led by Canadian truckers who have rejected COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“Government is angry at truckers for allegedly affecting people’s ability to earn a living,” Boebert wrote on Twitter.

“Did they forget they’ve been doing that for the last two years? ”, she added, referring to the ongoing restrictions related to the pandemic.

The convoy, made up of a minority of the country’s truckers who retaliated after the United States and Canada agreed to COVID-19 vaccination requirements for truckers to re-enter the country by land, has continued to make headlines amid concerns that organizers and groups have been involved with white nationalist contingents, QAnon, and other far-right groups.

Boebert is one of several Republicans in Congress who has encouraged anti-vaccine activists leading the protests by Canadian truckers.

Boebert’s comments came as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Announced that the blockades on the border between the United States and Canada are causing “real damage” on both sides.

“I also spoke to @DrewDilkens, the Mayor of Windsor, about the illegal blockade of the Ambassador Bridge. We are committed to helping the mayor and the province get the situation under control,” he said.

He added: “Finally, I briefed the opposition party leaders on the current situation and the latest developments. I stressed how important it is that all Members of Parliament, from all parties, denounce these illegal acts and call for an end to these blockades. They are hurting the communities in which they take place, and they are hurting our country’s jobs, businesses and economy,” he said.

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