Biostimulation, the anti-aging concept that revolutionizes non-invasive treatments


The loss of tone in the skin is one of the characteristics of the passage of time that is most easily revealed. It is pure biology. There is not a lot of turning. The skin is no longer what it was, no matter how strong the opposite is desired.

Collagen is a protein, a natural component of the skin, whose function is to support and build “blocks” of cells, tissues and organs. And naturally, its production gradually decreases as the years go by.

At age 20, the skin is tight and firm, it looks bright and lush and this is due to the high production of collagen in the body, says Dr. Jazmine Mena, an expert in the procedure. Responsible for this production is a cell in the middle layer of the dermis called a fibroblast. It is a small “factory” of collagen contained in the skin, but they are cells that are going to be lost. Over time they get slower.

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In this way, after the age of 30, its regeneration slows down and the first “expression lines”, wrinkles and signs of sagging begin to appear, which become more and more accentuated with the passage of time.

Biostimulation came as an answer to promote the formation of collagen to redefine the facial oval, re-tighten the skin that loses support over the years, deeply nourish and smooth wrinkles.

“This is a new aesthetic approach that is carried out through different tools or treatments, which promise to provide effective solutions to activate collagen formation after the age of 30, as well as to work on prevention,” adds Mena.

The main result of facial biostimulation is to activate the function of the fibroblast, the cell responsible for the structure and quality of the skin, optimizing its function in the body to obtain smoother skin, combat flaccidity and reduce wrinkles or disappear small furrows. .

According to the specialist, facial biostimulation does not offer any side effects, but it is necessary that it be performed in an aesthetic medical center and trained to carry out this procedure with ellansé, radiesse or polydioxanone threads.

The facial biostimulation session, with enzymes or polydioxanone threads or PDO, is outpatient and after the consultation you can go about your life as usual. It is recommended that each patient have a daily care routine, with moisturizing creams, antioxidants and, most importantly, the habit of using sunscreen to prevent photoaging and other sun damage.

“The great quest in aesthetic medicine is to achieve sustained collagen production over the years, and this is where biostimulation plays a key role”, concludes the surgeon specializing in aesthetics.


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