big cloud over warships


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in this snapshot Photos of La Vanguardia Readers We can see cumulus clouds in Cadiz, just above the naval base of Rota.

Cumulus clouds are a type of cloud that has vertical growth, with defined edges and with a cotton-like appearance. Also, these clusters can occur in rows, in groups, or solitary.

These types of clouds fall under the cumulform category, which includes cumulus congestus and cumulonimbus. The most powerful cumulus clouds are associated with severe weather events, such as hail, waterfalls and tornadoes.

Located halfway between Portugal and Gibraltar, next to the Gulf of Cádiz on the Atlantic Ocean coast, Rota is a major tourist city, a holiday destination for travelers from all over Europe.

In the low season, its main commercial activity is the fishing industry. In its municipal area is the naval base of Rota, whose ships are also the protagonists of this picture.

in great shape

Large cumulus clouds at the base of the rota.

Henry Roman

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