Biden’s Approval Rating Hits New Low: Major Poll Average Hits Uncharted Territory


President Biden’s approval rating hit a new low with a Real Clear Politics average of all the most recent national polls showing him below 40 percent.

The average of survey data shows the president’s approval rating at 39.8 percent.

An average of 54.4 percent of people in major polls now say they disapprove of the job Biden is doing.

The news comes as the president has been battling multiple domestic crises, including skyrocketing inflation, soaring gas prices and a growing number of illegal immigrants flooding the southern border.

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Biden approval rating

Overall, the president’s figures in the Real Clear Politics average are a devastating warning sign for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. His approval rating is underwater as far as the eye can see.

On the topic that worries most Americans these days, the economy, only 38.3 percent approve, while 56.3 percent disapprove.

It would seem that the White House spin that the administration is ‘creating’ jobs at a record pace is falling on deaf ears, especially as Americans pay daily higher gas prices to use their vehicles to get to a grocery store. where you will pay higher prices.

Digging deeper into the numbers, we see that President Biden’s approval rating is worse when it comes to foreign policy (37.2 percent approve vs. 53.0 percent disapproval) and slightly better, but still low. water when it comes to managing a pandemic that he promised to shut down (43.6 percent approve to 52.0 percent disapprove).

As for the country’s direction, the Real Clear Politics average shows that only 27.6 percent of Americans think we’re moving in the right direction.

65.1 percent believe that we are on the wrong path.

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sinking numbers

Exactly one year ago, Biden’s approval rating on the Real Clear Politics average was almost a reversal of the number you’re seeing today.

On February 10, 2021, his approval was 54.4% positive, 36.9% negative. That’s +17.5 percent from where it is now, -14.6 percent.

A free fall of 32.1 percent in just one year.

With headlines like these, it’s hard to imagine why Americans just don’t appreciate President Biden more than they do.

And lest we forget that it is a average of all the major polls, so the White House and Jen Psaki cannot try to make this an outlier like they have in the past.

These poll numbers have to be nothing short of terrifying based on their implications not only for the 2024 presidential election, but also for the more immediate upcoming midterm elections.

“In our increasingly polarized and nationalized politics, the single most determining factor in midterm results is the approval of the president’s job,” he writes. Sean Trendesenior election analyst at Real Clear Politics.

“With the House and Senate sharply divided between the two parties, entering the 2022 election with a president whose approval of the job at this level has catastrophic implications for Democrats,” he adds.

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