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The popular messaging app WhatsApp has come under scrutiny over the past two years, with many questioning the Meta-owned company’s updated privacy policies. In early 2021, users uninstalled the app and switched to other platforms, although most of them had minimal clarity on the data tracking system.

Now, those policies may not sit well with some of you, or you may not like the features of WhatsApp, or maybe you just want to move to a more personal and secure messaging app for your daily tasks. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to consult this collection of WhatsApp alternatives.


iMessage is an absolutely obvious choice for those in the Apple ecosystem. (Image credit: Apple)

This is absolutely obvious if you and your friends/family are in a Apple ecosystem. As a built-in messaging app, it is regularly updated with new features, improved user interface and optimization, and seamless synchronization with other Apple devices you own. Users can create and use Memojis to convey certain emotions, add custom effects to bubble messages, and even react to texts. Not to mention, just like WhatsApp, all conversations are end-to-end encrypted, which means no outside party can read your messages.


discord, best whatsapp alternatives, Discord offers excellent low-latency voice and video calls, even on poor connections. (Image credit: Discord)

There was a time when Discord was designed just for gamers, although now everyone uses it for their day-to-day tasks. While you can explore a variety of servers based on your interests, the DM (direct message) feature is overlooked by many, which is understandable as most would just click on its robust voice call feature instead of typing a message. . You can send GIFs, emotes, emojis and even documents as it allows you to share files of up to 8 MB per message. With Discord nitro (paid subscription), the limit goes up to 100 MB. Furthermore, one can seamlessly connect and integrate it with their Steam, Twitch, Spotify or YouTube accounts for easy access.


Telegram, the best whatsapp alternatives, You can share files up to 1.5 GB with groups of 100,000 people. (Image credit: Archive)

Yes, we know that most of you only use Telegram to share pirated movies with others, but its many features make it a great competitor to WhatsApp. You can create supergroups with up to 100,000 people, public channels, and send self-destructing messages that disappear after a date set on the built-in calendar. It lacks a video calling feature, though the included bots enhance your experience by providing important information and fun mini-games to pass the time. It’s also encrypted through a triple-layer configuration, making your conversations secure.


Google Chat, Google Hangouts, Best WhatsApp Alternatives, Google Chat is great for managing work accounts. (Image credit: Google)

Formerly known as Hangouts, Google Chat is perfect for work accounts as it sits right next to your inbox, making it easy to access and saving an extra tab. Understandably, most of you don’t have your work emails on file on your phone, and so this app would come in handy, allowing you to receive urgent and personalized messages, while avoiding the clutter and spam you’d expect when you log in. in your email. The app works exactly like WhatsApp and allows you to schedule meetings with one click, share files and switch accounts easily.


Bridgefy, the best whatsapp alternatives, Bridgefy does not require an Internet connection or a mobile network to transmit messages. (Express Photo)

Being stuck in the woods means a poor mobile network, let alone an internet connection. Offline messaging apps like Bridgefy rely on a peer-to-peer Bluetooth mesh network that lets you message friends nearby (330 feet). Broadcast mode allows you to send a message to large groups, while mesh mode takes advantage of active Bluetooth connections in the area and uses them as nodes to broadcast messages. You don’t need an internet connection beyond the initial download process, which is great, but it also doesn’t make sense if you don’t have other Bridgefy users in range.


Signal, the best whatsapp alternatives, With Signal, one can prevent screenshots of a conversation from being taken. (Image credit: Archive)

Elon Musk’s tweet played a big role in the popularity of this private messenger. The app is completely open source and allows you to create self-destruct messages, provides high protection, and adds a screen security feature that prevents screenshots from being taken. You won’t have to deal with any ads or affiliate marketing, and you can have secure video calls with up to 40 active participants. WhatsApp, on the other hand, only supports 8 members at a time.


Kik, the best whatsapp alternatives, Kik messenger only requires your email to work, no need to enter your phone number. (Image credit: Kik)

This old fashioned instant messaging app doesn’t require a mobile phone number to activate, just enter an email id and boom, you’re all set. The app is constantly updated and you get everything you expect from WhatsApp like voice calls, stickers, media sharing, group chats, everything works. You can also enable bots that occasionally bring quizzes, news, and make the whole experience more active. If you are someone who is going to enter their personal phone numbers somewhere on the internet, feel free to give it a try.


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