Bertin Osborne talks about his physical transformation and love: ‘I don’t have time and I don’t feel like it’


it’s been over a year Bertin Osborne Fabiola Martinez officially divorced. Since then the gossip press is behind him seeing if he has in some way rebuilt his lifeSomething that doesn’t seem to have happened.

However, one of the main changes he experienced has been physical. Bertin participated in the awards of the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents because my house is yours he was awarded. There he recognized for journalists Europe PressWhich is much better than a few months ago.

Bertin Osborne was honored for his talk show.


“I’ve lost ten kilos”, said Bertin, proud of his new look. The singer has admitted that there is no other secret than a healthy life. “Work hard, live a healthy life, do lots of sports and take vitamins,” he said. “You see me dressed, that without clothes I earn a lot,” he joked.


no time for Love

Ever since Bertin became single, many people insisted on associating her with different people. Many rumors have linked him to celebrities from the television world, all of them refuted or forgotten over time.

He is good friends with the mayor of Madrid.

He is good friends with the mayor of Madrid.


She doesn’t mind talking about it if they ask her, she knows that her love life has been interesting to many over the decades and she has said that she is not with anyone at the moment. “I don’t have time and I don’t feel like it, so… nothing,” he said.

“I have a lot of fun in my profession, I have a great time and have nothing on my mind nor do I plan to do it in a very long season, if anything ever comes up,” he admitted. . Right now it seems that having a partner is not on their mind.

Bertin Osborne interviews Alberto Nez Feizu in 'My House is Yours'

Bertin Osborne is recording the next season of his show.


Apparently she is very happy with her program on Telecinco, which has already been on the screens for eleven seasons. The last one ended last spring and it is very likely that he is currently immersed in new recordings.

He said, “This award is outrageous. I thank you wholeheartedly, but I value myself too much. It makes me feel Chinese because I’m not a journalist.” Osborne’s shows feature today’s well-known people such as Paz Padilla or Ana Obregón.

These interviews omit headlines that have since been covered by the entire press, but he insists that he does not have much merit and prefers to downplay the importance. “That and the wine I give them is usually when I go into the kitchen I pour three glasses of wine into them and you don’t know how they get loose,” he joked.

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