Barcelona should invest 200 million more in sports…


Updated on: 09.21.2022 9:41 p.m.

what do you need barcelona For Step plus? more budget. The debate on the sporting model in Barcelona was the focus of the final colloquium organized by the forum. barcelona Futurewho drives Gerard estevaand in which they have participated mite fanFormer Sports Councilor, manuel ibernformer manager of the Barcelona Sports Institute, and Raphael niuboSports Manager and former Secretary General of Sports.

they all claimed increased budget effort With sport in the context of the post-pandemic management and despair over the loss of the Winter Olympics. Niubó illustrated it with these figures: “The budget of the Barcelona City Council is 2,500 million euros and it spends 24 million on games. madrid It has a budget of 5.8 billion and spends 230 on sports.”

inflation alert

“We are in pain,” he said. Beyond these figures, the three speakers have sought to increase the allocation to at least 100 million and beyond for sporting activities at both the union and recreational level, along with the long beam. without seeing it all inflation It also threatens the clubs.

after the biennial of covid “If consumption drops, game consumption will also drop,” warns Ibern, adding that many of the lost partners have been recovered. In this context, there have been calls to strengthen civic management and defend the concession model to avoid speculation with some of the city’s sports properties.

more pavilions

On the other hand, he pointed lack of infrastructure As another unfinished business in the metropolis. “Barcelona is hungry for new facilities. We need a multi-sport proposal because at the moment the demand does not meet the needs of the federation’s sport”, said Ebern.

Fandos have pointed to the urgency build new pavilions With a multidisciplinary approach, such as that projected on Lleida Street, the work of which will begin in 2024. Ibern has been more specific and has said the city needs 16 such properties. The former councilor has also pointed out that the coverage of the round “should allow facilities to be located” and proposed the completion of the game project on the unborn platform of the Marine Zoo.

world projection

reflect on the debate international launch After the dissolution of the Olympic candidacy for the city, major sporting events winter sports of 2030.

“It’s hard to think you’re irrelevant when you’ve arranged everything. We have enough winning cards To be the reference capital. Internationalism underlies the high concentration of organizations that value the city”, said Niubo.

lack of leadership

The concentration of global places and events beyond capture – the matter of Sailing America’s Cup It shows that the city has lost its reflection– a clear direction is also needed.

“Barcelona has lost momentum, the rankings say. It was a pity that the current city council did not want Barcelona to lead the games. There would not be so much conflict, but it did not want to be done.” Mayor’s leadership was lacking“, Fandos lamented.

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