Barcelona and Manchester United close to de Jong deal, now it’s up to the player


Barcelona And Man Utd In recent days their talks have intensified and are close to reaching an agreement for the transfer of frankie de jong,

Frankie de Jong: “I’m in the biggest club in the world and I feel good there”

The latest offer made by the English club was €65 million plus additional variables. BarcelonaWant to get the money they paid for, for their part ajax For player transfers that is 75 million euros and 11 million in variables.

Man Utd The total is set to reach 86 million, but it remains to be seen how the fixed amounts and variable amounts will be distributed.

The clubs are not far away and a deal could be reached in the next few days.

But this will be the first step in the deal. Then Man Utd work to explain djong to leave Barcelona,

United coach Eric Ten HagoFor his part, you’ve promised djong That he will be crucial to his new project in Manchester and that the team will revolve around him.

The player likes the idea, but is not convinced. he always wants to be successful Barcelona And it’s still something he wants to do.

Barcelona Have to sit down with the player and explain that the best thing for him is to go to a Premier League club.

Catalans have a lot of financial problems and they need money from transfers. It’s also a way to free up some room with pay, and will allow them to go to signing. xavi hernandez You have asked The player is currently on leave in the US.

The footballer’s contract will also extend next season as he is expected to receive around 20 million euros for pending payments.

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