Barcelona already know they have to activate the fourth lever… and more


aAlthough Joan Laporta emphasized during the presentation of Robert Lewandowski that the fourth lever was in reserve and they were confident that they would not have to resort to it, barcelona already know they will need it.

The Catalan institution in charge of the issue already knows that the figures they have presented will not suffice. They will need to activate the fourth lever and do something else.

In fact, MARCA has already made it clear here that the Catalan giant will need to sell, in addition to this fourth lever memphis depot and do something with it frankie de jong: Either a drastic reduction in their salary or a transfer this summer.

Laporta himself admitted a certain unease about some of the signatures when he negotiated their incorporation. For example, this was the case lewandowski,

In fact, to reassure Dhruv, he was promised that he would be the first one to be registered. In principle, according to club sources, his participation is not in danger from day one.

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