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Brands are like cathedrals. They have been created over the years by different people in search of a common goal. Barca brand, Coca-Cola, automobile brand, political party brand… all these. Brands are not just a name and a symbol or a shield. They are too many. They are some color, a font and, above all, some value, honesty, sincerity, friendliness, closeness…

All brands need to be updated. We no longer understand some of our favorite brands with the typeface in which they were made. Changes made well are always very subtle, which an expert can see, but the general public hardly notices, but sees that your brand is still current.

FC Barcelona is about to make a big mistake in the use of colors

Football club Barcelona has done very well in recent years updating its font, which we call the professional logo and its shield. But you are about to make a big mistake in using colors. Let us tell you that earlier the second kit was used to isolate itself only when going to play at home. Due to the proceeds from the sale of the shirts, Barca have a second kit that has nothing to do with the Blagrana club. To be honest, I don’t like seeing my team in sky, yellow or pink, but I can afford it if we want to improve our struggling economy. But in white, as they announce that this will be the second kit for next season, no. No way. There is already another club in Spain known as the White Club or the White Players and I don’t want them to confuse us.

FC Barcelona shop at Spotify Camp Nou with third kit shirt

Pere Punti / Sports World

I don’t care if they tell me that many years ago Barca also wore white. why did you stop doing it? Maybe because someone wiser must have felt that this was not the right color for the Blagrana club and it was for our opponent. Or does anyone think Madrid will ever wear the Blagrana, no matter how much they say the marketing demands it? Please, be consistent with your brand and with your colors, and if we have to introduce some new ones, don’t let them be white and have at least one Blagrana detailing on the shirt and shorts in the chosen color.

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