Badia signs the lawyer Olga Tubau to defend herself against her accusation


Updated: 09.23.2022 11:49 a.m.

Eloi Badia has trusted the lawyer Olga Tubauone of the best criminal lawyers in Barcelona, ​​to defend himself in the court case that examines his management with the Gracia squatters, in which he is being investigated for alleged crime Y professional negligence. The mayor has declared today with the lawyer for his approach to the Tres Lliris house, to which his team renewed the assignment even though it hung over the radicals a cease and desist order.

Eloi Badia, at the proclamation of the Fiestas de Gracia RTVE

It happened today in the Court of Instruction number 27 of Barcelona, ​​where Badia has appeared as a defendant with four other officials and senior officials, one of them the manager of the Gracia district, Rufino J. Grace. The mayor of BComú has been assisted by the prestigious Olga Tubauwho managed to exonerate the greatest of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Josep Lluis Traperoand for the lawyer Alex Sola.

Delay at the seal

The epicenter of the case is the alleged municipal laxity with the Tres Lliris squatters, who took over a building from the Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation (Imhab, for its acronym in Catalan) in 2017 and have not left it, managing to renew two cession with the district of Gracia despite the inconvenience despite repeated complaints from neighbors due to noise and 78 actions by the Barcelona Urban Guard on the property.

The magistrate must determine whether the attitude answer of the municipal government with the radicals who take a municipal asset, including the delay in executing a sealing orderconstitutes possible crimeand that if the cession of the public building to the intruders constitutes professional negligence of public funds.


This is what the neighbors believe, who have denounced the mayor and his team because they believe that he tolerated “manifest illegality” in three lilieswhich is the old Lesseps National Police station, now a municipal asset of the Imhab. Residents have provided reports from inspectors stating “reschedule“the seal despite the fact that it was firm.

And a document of his own Eloi Badia in which the mayor confirms that the closure of the raided house was delayed to “avoid a conflict”, despite the fact that the closure resolution was firm and the neighborhood complaints were numerous.

Second cause with squats

It should be remembered that the procedure against Eloi Badia by the Casal Tres Lliris de Gracia is the second that the municipal government faces for allegedly widening the gap with the squatters in Barcelona. The first is the cause against Janet SanzDeputy Mayor for Urban Planning, for the failed luxury hotel at the Hotel Buenos Aires in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi.

Janet Sanz (c), after testifying as being investigated in the 'Buenos Aires case' / CG

Janet Sanz (c), after testifying as being investigated in the ‘Buenos Aires case’ / CG

In this case, the complainants, a real estate developer, maintain that their project was blocked and they compromised with the squatters who had taken over the property. Finally, the city council bought the asset and prevented the luxury accommodation. Like Badia, Sanz too trusted in Olga Tubau as a defense lawyer, despite the fact that Barcelona City Council has its own lawyers.

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